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Krivoklat Castle in the Countryside, U Modre Kachnicky in Prague

Krivoklat Castle
M’s family suggested we head out to the countryside today to visit Krivoklat Castle. We took the tour but ended up on a Czech one while we toured the inside. Hence, I have few details to relay. We learned a bit more later from Vladimir, M’s uncle, who worked here as a tour guide over 20 years ago. (He is now in tech, working in Eastern European operations of companies you may have heard about.)

Family Country Home in Krivoklat

Afterward, we retired to the country home’s gazebo for cake and tea. The cake was thoughtfully sent along with us to Krivoklat from Prague, by Vladimir’s sweet mother.

Country homes were a big deal during the communist era. People weren’t allowed to leave the confines of the borders, so every weekend they journeyed to the countryside. Those with more status had homes closer to Prague. (He added that treks began every Friday for all the workers at noon.)

Family Country Home in Krivoklat

Later in the evening, while M and her family held a gathering at their apartment for family members, J, Mr. T, and I went to check out a recommendation we received from my local contact for U Modre Kachnicky (The Blue Duckling). Dinner lived up to reputation, but the flaming dessert and the talented pianist will stick with my memory far longer.

Tableside Flambe
U Modré Kachničky

We walked home past that ever-evolving John Lennon Wall.

Lennon Wall, at Night

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The Strahov Monastery, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Aida

The Monastery Library
The Monastery Library

We began our sightseeing today at the Strahov Monastery and Library, after a satisfying lunch at Pivovar Strahov, the onsite brewery.

Beer Heer

From there, we walked back down into the main city through the Castle Grounds. En route we went past St. Vitus Cathedral.

Bridal Shoot at the Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral

We entered the cathedral at the perfect time of day. For all the churches I’ve seen in Europe, this is the first time, I’ve timed it so well to see all the colors reflected.

Stained Glass of St. Vitus

We walked downhill into old town.

The Museum of Communism is now upstairs from McDonald's
The Museum of Communism is now upstairs from McDonald’s.

Our plans for the night included Aida at the State Opera.

State Opera - Aida
State Opera - Aida

Opera-watching’s hard work. We rewarded ourselves at the EuroFood in Wenceslas Square, a la Bourdain.


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Mala Strana and Ruzena’s Book Launch Party

Just Hangin' in There

A business meeting on the west side of the Vltava motivated me across town on a sleepy, partly cloudy morning. After attending to that, and lunch at the Cafe Savoy, Mr. T and I wandered the Mala Strana.

Lennon Wall

We soon found the Lennon wall, a constant work in progress.

at the Lennon Wall

Nearby, we found another remnant of Euro youth pop culture: the love locks.

All You Need is Love
Mon chat, Ma princesse

A Prague visit would be incomplete without anything obviously surreal:
oh, just a bunch of surreal babies

Prague's March of the Penguins

Soon, we needed to wrap our wanderings up, for the evening book launch party being held in conjunction with the opening art exhibition. We took the opposite of a shortcut to the apartment to make sure we paid homage to the local Gehry installation.

Gehry's Fred and Ginger
Seattle was robbed with that EMP blob.

Invitation to the Book Party

We headed back to the Castle for the evening book launch party. The book’s publication was held in conjunction with the exhibition, and tonight featured speeches by descendants of the Futurists. Family stories were shared, and many family members from around the world met each other for the first time before and after the main presentations.

M and her Fam

When the after-party finally ended, our gang of 6 made our way to Malostranska Beseda, for another typico Czech dinner. Mr. T ordered yet another pork leg, and the beer drinkers had their toast!

The Civic Meal

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Day 2 in Prague: Wandering the City & Ruzena Zatkova at the Prague Castle

Old Town Square, Prague

While others slept, I found myself wide awake this morning at 5:30. The sun was just rising as I packed up my gear and started walking through the Old Town.

Old Town Square, Prague

It would be hours before anyone else in our gang was awake.

Old Town Square, Prague

But, once everyone was up, we headed across the Charles Bridge for lunch at riverside Kampa Park.

Hare Krishna, Praha Krishna
Um, not my gang, but the most interesting picture of the early afternoon.

Post-Kampa, we had several social engagements for the day.

The main motivation for our Prague trip was to join our close friends for an opening art exhibition, honoring my good friend’s great-grandmother. My friend’s g-grandmother was the artist Růžena Zátková, the only Czech in the Futurist school. Ruzena was truly living in the future, and her short life was a grand adventure. She was born in Southern Bohemia, married a Russian diplomat in Italy young, lived with him at the Spanish Steps in Rome in splendor, mingled with Stravinsky and Diagheliv, ran off to Mallorca to draw and paint with a Latin American artist colony, and designed costumes for the emerging Russian Ballet. She was bold and thoroughly modern. She died too young at 38, of consumption, while convalescing in the Swiss Alps.

Recently, the president of the country learned she was the sole Czech Futurist, and as a point of national pride, they are honoring her this year with an exhibition at the Prague Castle.
Before the crowds arrived for the evening opening gala, we joined our friends on their family tour.

Marinetti the Italian Futurist's Portait, by Ruzena
Ruzena’s portrait of the Czech Futurist, Marinetti

Ruzena at Prague Castle
Ruzena on Mallorca

We spent time wandering the exhibit, absorbing it all, while M documented everything. Eventually we had to speed back to our apartment to prepare for the Gala.

Prague Castle

The opening gala was held in the Prague Castle. Presentations were given in English and Czech, to a packed ballroom where the people-watching provided hours of entertainment. At the time, I appreciated how beautiful our ballroom was and how stately the castle, but I did not yet know that public access to the castle is only allowed one day a year. Later in the week when we learned this, I felt even more lucky and honored we’d made it there.

It’s funny where life takes you, when you make it a point time and again, to show up.

St. Vitus Cathedral, after Sunset

We walked leisurely home from the Castle, past St. Vitus Cathedral on the grounds, stopping at Villa Richter at St. Wenceslas Vineyard for a late dinner.

Praha, Night

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First Day in Prague

Old Town Square, Prague
Right after noon, we arrived in Prague to meet our friends M & J near the baggage claim. We sailed through customs to meet our driver, who took us to our apartment near Male Namesti Square (apartments at U Kapra highly recommended).

After a quick unpacking session, we wandered the city to find ATMs, meet M’s parents, buy groceries, and generally acquaint ourselves with the area.

Astronomical Clock
The Astronomical Clock, at the Old Town Hall is currently under repairs. I was okay with this – I find the hourly displays overrated, though they make for interesting people-watching (and photo snapping).


I realized we’d found ourselves in Prague at a great time — the start of Easter celebrations. These painted eggs were everywhere.

Easter Switches - Braided Whips - Pomlázka

Later, we’d learn about these Easter switches, called Pomlázka. They’re made of pussywillow branches, tied with ribbons, to use on women. Not kidding! According to Czech tradition, boys use these to “gently swat” girls on Easter Monday. Supposed to guarantee beauty and health for the upcoming year. Girls reward the boys for this “treat” by giving back brightly colored painted eggs.

When our first day errands were done, M, J, Mr. T, and I settled into our first pub dinner at U Provaznice, aka The Rope Maker’s Wife.

U Provaznice - The Rope Maker's Wife
We thought other illustrations inside the menu were remarkably Angelina Jolie-like. There’s also a legend the place is haunted.

If you’ve see the Bourdain episode where he goes to Prague, you’ll recognize the massive portions of meat. This place had the perfect comfort food for the end of a long travel day.
Mine and Janet's Old Prague Plate at U ProvazniceFrom translation: Roast Pig's Leg with Horseradish and Mustard"

And interesting menu options:
U Provaznice, Menu Starters, Prague
Despite our curiosity about the Smelly Fingers of Ugly Joe, we did not order them. We did notice in the French menu that the name was a French tongue-twister, with no mention of a Joe.

Full of dumplings and pork, we ended the day with our first walk of the Charles Bridge.
Charles Bridge, Night

France international

En Route to Praha

On AirFrance
This was taken shortly before midnight Seattle time, covering today’s theme for picture of the day: air travel. Taken during our layover at CDG, in Paris.

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Lunchbox Lab, a Tribute Brunch

LL menu
For brunch today, Mr. T and I went with our friend (the inspiration for #5 in this menu, a righteous dude himself) to Lunchbox Lab. It felt important to me to commemorate.

Lunchbox Lab
The Tearjerker: Kobe beef, pepperjack, onions, jalapeno, habanero mayo, and Satan’s Tears ketchup. Not pictured: sweet potato fries with rosemary salt, nor the wicked awesome Heath Toffee Chocolate Shake.

We ordered our burgers, splurged on the shakes and drinks, and dedicated our meal to the creative force behind LL, who passed away recently. For someone I did not know personally, and only met when he worked at his grill, I was (am) surprised at how taken aback I was by this premature death.

RIP, Scott.

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Suit Shopping

He said "tell the fish to watch out"
Mr. T had some suit shopping to do today.