From the monthly archives: "August 2011"

Tonight I attended the Tom Douglas Ice Cream Social at the Palace Ballroom.

The Flavors I tried:
By Peaks Custard:
Beautiful Bay Leaf
Chocolate Turtle

Fainting Goat Gelato:
Salted Caramel
Grapefruit Sorbet

Old School Frozen Custard:
Vanilla Affogato with Zoka Coffee

Procopio Gelato:

D’Ambrosio Gelato:

Bluebird Ice Cream:
Theo chocolate

Dahlia Workshop:
Buttermilk Peach Cobbler

Butter Toffee

My favorite was the vanilla custard from Old School.

We had to wrap up the evening at Palace Kitchen with SALADS.

Summer is a State of Mind
A little wisdom from a center on Ravenna Ave.

Though, I protest a bit: more than a handful of days close to 80 would have been superb.

Uneeda Henry

We met up with the Burger of the Month gang at Uneeda Burger. Mr. T & I had our usual order — the lamb burger with poutine. The most delicious surprise of the night goes to the salted caramel shake.


J, M, and J down by the water
We woke up to a misty morning with the sound of occasional fog horns. It burned off by noon, to clear blue skies.

Burning off Bainbridge

We hung around til we absolutely had to make it on the evening ferry.

Saturday pace
We spent today doing a mostly nothing: hanging by the water and walking along the beach, swimming in the heated pool, switching off with the hot tub, and eating some home-cooked meals.


Funny, the tennis rackets never came out to hit C’s court and we never went hiking in the woods nearby. Just not a high energy kinda day.


We wrapped up the late night with a campfire by the water.

Off for Bainbridge
I caught an evening ferry to Bainbridge tonight, to meet up with friends on the other side.

Ferry to Bainbridge
Spectacular views all around.

Hitchcock - Friday Dinner
My first stop on the island was Hitchcock. My advice regarding Hitchcock: it is a fairly easy walk from the terminal, if you’re not carrying much. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this in the rain — my walk along Winslow Rd took 15 minutes.

If you see a Mexican-inspired watermelon, basil, and cucumber salad on the Hitchcock menu, don’t hesitate to get that. On the salty side, but so delicious I wished it was the whole meal. Others loved their beets. I followed my choice with the Spaghetti (like a Carbonara, but with lambchetta). It needed a bit more oomph, and I learned likewise for the egg fettuccine and the Sablefish. I’d give it another go, though.

We skipped dessert to head to Mora for ice cream!

Hitchcock on Urbanspoon

The New Hotel Ballard

While running an errand over lunch, I came across this new hotel on the main Ballard drag. Stylish! It fits right in with all the hood’s new cute shops.

The New Hotel Ballard

To the west
Today was in a tower downtown. Except for the top-notch Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont, and RN74 for dinner.

The Back Bar at Bastille

LUPEC Seattle had a bonus mid-month event, thanks to Charles from Google Places. Great to catch up with friends from LUPEC and my Burger of the Month gang. (It’s been too long since I’ve hung out with most of them!)

The Back Bar at Bastille

My favorite book club discussed The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tonight. Highly recommended.

Motomotoyama brought these snacks for us to eat…except discussion was so good we forgot to eat these until everyone else left.

Marionberry Pie

My friend Marion held a “Boot the Boot” party today, to celebrate her freedom from her demon boot (and recovery from a surgery). She brought in 8 kinds of pie from High 5. The Lemon Shaker was my favorite, but I had to take a pic of the Marionberry.

Boot the Boot Party

Excellent Reminder and Agreed
I approve of these kinds of reminders.

Today was Can-It-Forward Day at Pike Place Market, where a number of friends were involved with coordinating and teaching, along with the folks from Ball. I showed up mid-afternoon to check them out.

The shibaguys are hilar.
The shibaguyz taught the Pepper Jelly class. Remind me to take more classes with them; they’re hilarious.

So all this radicchio showed up.
This giant box of radicchio showed up on the porch today — a gift from an agency in California. I’d canceled my CSA for the week, so this sounded like an okay substitute when they contacted by email. I was envisioning enough endives for one meal, but instead, I got 10 lbs. of three different kinds.

Then out of curiosity, I found myself doing some Friday evening radicchio research. The best findings came from The Silver Spoon — I say yes to Parmesan and butter baked with most vegetables. In the end, tonight we went for roasting after tossing in olive oil. I’d like to try grilling next, but radicchio and walnut rolls (with more Parm + butter) look very promising.

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