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To Hitchcock on Bainbridge

Off for Bainbridge
I caught an evening ferry to Bainbridge tonight, to meet up with friends on the other side.

Ferry to Bainbridge
Spectacular views all around.

Hitchcock - Friday Dinner
My first stop on the island was Hitchcock. My advice regarding Hitchcock: it is a fairly easy walk from the terminal, if you’re not carrying much. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this in the rain — my walk along Winslow Rd took 15 minutes.

If you see a Mexican-inspired watermelon, basil, and cucumber salad on the Hitchcock menu, don’t hesitate to get that. On the salty side, but so delicious I wished it was the whole meal. Others loved their beets. I followed my choice with the Spaghetti (like a Carbonara, but with lambchetta). It needed a bit more oomph, and I learned likewise for the egg fettuccine and the Sablefish. I’d give it another go, though.

We skipped dessert to head to Mora for ice cream!

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