Mr. T and I brunched with friends J&L at Wild Mountain Cafe in Ballard this afternoon. Post-brunch, I decided it was high time I made use of my Seattle Art Museum membership on the final weekend of the Edward Hopper’s Women exhibit downtown. We caught this Conquistador on the way to their other new exhibit: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness on loan from Yale.

Later, we watched Man on Wire and I finally caught my first episode of Mad Men. Both: excellent.

For years, I’ve lamented the lack of pho in Fremont. We’re blessed with everything else we could want in walking distance. My cubicle neighbor spotted this before I did. I couldn’t figure out what he was describing, since there was a brand-new frozen yogurt place there. This is a great new addition and I can’t wait. Opening March 4.

Edited to add: I showed up on Wednesday since I had pho on the brain. The March 4 sign had been switched out for “Coming Soon.” Well, I’ve gone 7 years without a neighborhood option, I figure I can handle a few more days. *Sob*
Out with the FroYo, in with the Pho...LUCKY!

This morning, we awoke to surprise snow. Loved that it blanketed my yard, but didn’t get in my way on the roads. At lunchtime, I walked to the Skillet trailer for a FANTASTIC BLT. While waiting to trade out my salad pre-order for Potato Leek Soup (so much more fitting for a snow day), I caught this preschooler tempting a puppy with poutine.
And a snow shot:

Waiting at Town Hall
Town Hall’s a challenge for photos at night — I never really want to whip out a better camera or use flash inside. But, when it’s the highlight of the day…sometimes the phone cam feels like the best option.

We went to see Cliff Mass speak at Seattle Town Hall tonight. I love Seattle Town Hall & I love Cliff Mass. (I never cared so much until I moved here, but as the cloud cover makes such an impact on mood, energy, and whatnot, it’s felt natural to obsess about when blue skies might return.)

Cliff Mass is on NPR every Friday morning. He talks weather patterns and forecasting. Tonight, his lecture covered Pacific Northwest forecasting history and he fielded audience questions. As a transplant who hears about past events every year, getting the back-story is good. He has a new book out: The Weather of the Pacific Northwest.

I should become a member of Town Hall already–fantastic venue for author events and speakers. Same location as the recent Malcolm Gladwell talk.

Commute Sunset
As I was rushing home, I noticed dramatic clouds rolling in at sunset. Spring really is just around the corner…

Oscar Night
I don’t normally get into the Oscars, but tonight, two different sets of friends were having gatherings. I was able to visit both — as we were headed out the door during the post-show, I remembered to catch a shot.

We spent the noon hour and then some at Discovery Park, the former Fort Lawton, in Magnolia. For years, I’ve meant to visit, but this was the first. Mr. T & I took The Baron along. We found North Beach and hung out for a little, watching the birds and the dogs and the people come and go.

La Isla - Ballard
Mr. T & I met up with friends in Ballard at La Isla, a Puerto Rican restaurant. I ordered the Chuletas a la Criolla – pork chops marinated in adobo, covered with a creole sauce. They were very, very good. Mr. T got the weekend special of pernil (pulled pork). His wasn’t nearly as tasty but we made up for it with mojitos and a magnificent rum & ginger beer Don Q Stormy.

This image leaves much to be desired, but hey it was dark and I don’t really do flash in restaurants.

There was also a Twister game later, but I don’t yet have a Model Release from the participants. 🙂

Webbed Feet, Evolved
In the Skillet line today, this guy had on…feet gloves? I don’t know what they’re called but they make an impression!

Edited Note: I’ve since learned those shoes are Vibram Five Fingers.

I ordered Skillet’s Penne all’Arrabbiata (they called it arrabiata — which means “angry-style”) with “serrano chiles, winter greens, herbs, & garlic.” In their online description, they’d failed to note that the roasted garlic slivers were laced with savory crack. One of my favorite dishes by this gang. Here’s a shot:
Arrabiata - Skillet Street Food

Rowers on the Ship Canal
I took a brief break around dusk to enjoy the last remnants of a lovely day. I found these rowers as I walked by the Fremont Ship Canal.

The day after a holiday is always a little more jam-packed, isn’t it? Add to that — this morning, I finally could drop my car off to get it repaired after last month’s incident. I had to wait for clearance.

I was entitled to a rental car, which I coordinated for lunchtime. On my way back, I stopped at Essential Baking Company‘s cafe in Wallingford/Fremont (Wallingmont!) to pick up a daily special Blue Turkey sandwich. I buy their goods frequently, and have even assisted in a local cooking class for the owner, but it’s been six years since I made a point to stop in their cafe. I was not disappointed: turkey with a creamy Gorgonzola spread, red onions, greens on their multi-grain. I’m glad I got over my hesitation on the grain, as it surpassed overly wheaty expectations right into the savory tasty zone.

I might have to go back tomorrow to try more of their winter menu.
Essential Baking

Today, I was home all day thanks to the federal holiday. We didn’t do much of note beyond a few homey errands here or there, so my picture is tres local. We did make a classic Americana entree of Pigs in a Blanket for dinner. They were TOTALLY awesome.

Now, don’t be a hater. If you don’t believe me on how satisfying this was? I will make you a dinner of Hebrew Nationals wrapped in biscuits. With a side of Hot Beaver.

This my hood’s resident giraffe.
The Hood Giraffe

Keav & moto
This month, we read Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn. The book took me about 2 hours to read this afternoon, before book club. We journeyed to Keaver’s for our discussion. Good turnout, good discussion, and caught up with a few folks I hadn’t chatted with in a while. Next month, we’re on to The Watchmen.

Fran's Chocolates
Mr. T & I field-tripped to Glazer’s where I got a new bag and flash diffuser for the holiday. When we got home, he carried it in from the car. I went to open the bag to rearrange, and found a box of Fran’s Chocolates inside. Sneaky!

Over lunchtime today, I was up on Capitol Hill, here in Seattle. I tend to think of this city as so a-religious that I get surprised when I run across churches, still. I loved the look of this school-church.
Capitol Hill Religiosity

Evening Commute, Now with More Dusk
I left at the same time as usual, but see how we’re inching towards Spring! Almost by 6, there’s now a fine dusk to accompany our way home from Fremont.

Tonight, I spent with folks in Burien. Sometime, I’ll head back to check out more taquerias and the Hans’ German Delicatessen. On my way there and back, I watched the coolest sight — planes low over I-5, heading into Boeing Field and SeaTac.

Tonight, Mr. T & I met up with friends for Burger of the Month Club. I ordered mine medium-rare with bacon and cheddar. Other options included provolone or swiss.

For the first half, the burger was great. As it cooled, it got drier but overall a solid B. A solid contender against the other from Sunday. Mr. T ordered grilled cheese with Tomato Basil soup — definitely a winner.

Hey, You've Got Snow!
For all the Snowpocalypse belly-aching, waking up to a snowfall this AM was pleasant surprise. The snow added just a small layer, and was melty enough that it posed no real threat on the roads.

Mr. T and I met with friends today at Lunchbox Laboratory, over in Ballard. Mr. T and I had from today’s menu: the Burger of the Gods (gorgonzola & caramelized onions), Heath Toffee Mocha shake, sweet potato fries in rosemary salt, tater tots in rosemary salt, and The Smoker burger. The folks running the Lab are top-notch. Here’s the main lunchbox wall.

One of our friends got the Yo Rocky, a burger with prime rib on top, provolone cheesesteak with tomato sauce. Pictured here.

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