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My name is Rachel. I’ve lived in the Seattle area since 2000. I was born and raised in Louisiana and lived there until college. Between LA and WA, I spent 5.5 years in Utah.

My boyfriend fiance husband (Mr. T) and I live with our dog, The Baron, east of Greenlake and west of Lake Washington, in Seattle. I work a techie job in Fremont. Most of my pictures are cataloged on Flickr here, originally.

Top 3 obsessions:

  • Food is #1. I daydream often about my next meal.  I wish I had more time to cook and bake.
  • Photography takes a close second. I’m more confident in my eating skillz. There is always a camera around, usually two. Sometimes 3. These cameras are a Nikon P4, a Canon s90 point & shoot, a Blackberry Curve, G1 (Android), Nexus One, a Galaxy Nexus and a Nikon D80. Mr. T gave me an SB-600 flash for my most recent birthday, which I hope to put to use here.
  • I travel often. In the last 12 months, this includes travel to Germany, Austria, Argentina, Uruguay, California (2x), Mexico, Louisiana, Walla Walla Wine Country, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Whidbey Island. In that order. I am in a rare state of cooling my heels in the Pacific Northwest during its best season. But. I wander. It’s what I do.
  • Update: I still travel often. Since this blog began four years ago, I’ve been to Louisiana, SFO/Bay Area, and Vancouver (BC) countless times, Whistler twice, NYC twice, Mexico twice, France twice, Germany twice, Maui, the islands of Orcas, Lummi, San Juan (WA), Bainbridge, and Whidbey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Portland (OR), and Ashland, OR. Food & photography take the spotlight, but travel is taking over my life. I can’t say I mind.

Current plan – May 2008:
Post a picture for every day of the highlight, yet not necessarily everyday. It’s a shortcut to keeping a written journal.

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