Springy Evidence
Reminded by a friend that Spring was just around the corner, I went looking in the backyard for evidence. I kinda wish I could remember which bulbs I planted here, a year and a half ago. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

NOLA in 1798
Yesterday, my mom sent a package with two framed maps of New Orleans. Today, I’m testing out the smaller one of them in our main hallway.

Paint By Number Mural
After swing dance class tonight, our little gang retired to Linda’s back patio to cool off and share a remarkably good pub dinner.

Revel, Sunday Morning - Seattle
Mr. T & I went to Revel’s Sunday brunch today. He had the Kimchi Ramen, I had the Kalbi Burger. Both were improved by the beloved spicy condiment tray.

Sweet and Savory Pies Celebrates National Pie Day!
Happy National Pie Day! In years past, I’ve attended a friend’s National Pie Day party (she’s on the National Pie Board – and yes, there is a National Pie Board). We aren’t able to attend this year, but I know it’s always a great time.

I have book club tonight, so we walked to the new Sweet & Savory Pie on Fremont Ave to pick up pie for the gang. Turns out, they were not sellin’, only handing out mini mini pies today. We had a good quick chat with the proprietors, enjoyed our bites, and scurried back home.

It's a Live Muppet!
The Baron and I met another critter on his walk today. Actually, we met many others — every dog owner in Ravenna was out walking with their best friends today.

The Last Drop
Mr. T & I walked to a neighborhood place for dinner tonight & I realized their new beer store next door was finally open. It’s called “The Last Drop.” They stock most of his favorites, including Belgian Sours, so I foresee limited runs to that place in Wallingford from now on. We can walk here — hooray!

Hm, this may have been done already.
I couldn’t help but think I’d heard this story before.

(As seen on my way dashing out the door after returning library books.)


Second Annual Friendsgiving!


We actually watched football and tv together, and some played games. It felt very festive.

The Dog at R@venna Carpets
Spied on our walk home from dinner — I noticed this fella last week.

I got home late from work, so Mr. T & I walked to a new Lebanese restaurant in the hood called Harissa. We felt very welcomed there. We ordered the Lebanese Salad (remarkably similar to a Greek village salad), Walid’s tomato salad, hummus, and Lamb Souvlaki. Plenty of food — next time, we’ll go for maybe sharing a souvlaki and one other item. We’ll be returning.
Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Ravenna's Harissa

Earlier at lunch, I joined two friends at the new Revel in Fremont. It’s January but I can already tell Revel might be the best restaurant I’ll visit in 2011. The menu changes frequently, but I caught a picture of it below. We tried the 5-spiced duck meatballs with noodles, the ahi tuna rice bowl, the shitake rice bowl, and the coconut macaroon ice cream sandwich. Go — you will not be disappointed. And take a look at my friend’s great pictures of Revel here.

Revel Lunch

Revel on Urbanspoon

Monday Morning Greeting
Oh. It snowed. Fortunately, it did not stick.

Watching Natl Geo's Dog Documentary
The weather makes for good netflix-viewing. For the first time, The Baron was riveted by television. The occasion? National Geographic’s dog documentary.

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