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From Cynthia

From Cynthia
For over 2 years, my book group’s met to discuss a monthly selection. This month: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. It reaffirmed my decision to never consider medicine a viable career option.

As a child, I couldn’t take my pulse in health class, so I pretended. Too squeamish. During my honors orientation at my university — where a trip to the undergrad cadaver lab was a feature — the tour guides told me I turned light green and was on high alert for passing out. Squeamish! I turned to vegetarianism around age 18 because dealing with raw chicken freaked me out. Too squeamish. As I’ve since lopped off fish heads in the name of gourmet, I’m over this one.

Well this book was a rough one. I had it in paperback and on audio. I listened to over half in fits and starts for 2 months. Finally last week, I gave in to skimming the last third to glean discussion possibilities, then I set it aside and moved onto another memoir. All that said, I believe Mary Roach is a good writer.
My friend Cynthia brings lovely gifts to the month’s host or hostess. She brought this token of sunshine, amongst other goodies. (Chocolate cookies!)

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