Blue hair!
This morning, sprizee and I went to get flowers for my bouquet at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market. Plans fell through so we raced across the French Quarter to a flower shop near our crawfish boil lunch. We had to stop so I could grab a picture of this young lady.

Tomorrow’s the big day!

bridal shower birds
Today: a bridal shower. I had a really great time! It was great to spend more time with the ladies in Mr. T’s family, along with so many friends.

His Aunt Suzy made the best Mexican Chocolate cake I’ve had:
Bridal shower cake
I’d mentioned my favorite cake was from a bakery near where I spend my days — she reverse engineered the recipe and made it for me. I’m honored!

And there were many great gifts. I really appreciated all of it.
Bridal shower

Early Spring
I hesitate to jinx it by declaring it, but Spring’s come early to Seattle this year. On my morning commute with Mr. T, we spotted trees with white blooms in front of the U-District Library.

patiently awaiting his walk
Today: all about getting back into the swing of things after a weekend at the Winter Olympics. I’ve got a little bit of a backlog right now. But first, some of us need to go running.

At the Swiss House
Last night, we discovered the Swiss House serving raclette and fondue into the wee hours. We returned for lunch, for another great meal. While we were there, one of the Swiss athletes won gold in cross country so there was a whole lot of celebrating.
At the Swiss House

On our way home to Seattle tonight via Vancouver, Naomi took us to Bo Laksa for burmese laksa and roti. GO THERE.
Bo laksa roti

Mr. T & I started Valentine’s at a fantastic little brunch place Naomi recommended named Ciao Thyme. Eggs Benedict with Canadian (?) bacon hit the spot.

In the afternoon, we went with Kate & Jesse to the Men’s Luge* up at Whistler Sliding Centre.

Dinner: the phenomenal Sushi Village for 8. We wrapped up the evening watching the Rings of Fire on Whistler Mountain and walking around Whistler Village.

winter olympics

*I gave up on most stills, trying to catch the luge go by — I resorted to videos again:

Today, we spent hours in lines getting tickets and getting to places. BUT. Totally worth it to be there for the weekend and to get into events.

We kicked off our Olympics spectating with the Women’s Biathlon.
Nordic Skillz

Joyce jiaozi
I consider myself extraordinarily blessed that my good friend Naomi invited us up to Whistler with her for the opening weekend of the Winter Olympic Games. After a frenzied week, we took off for Canada shortly after work.

To top off this good fortune, she researched places en route for us to eat. (She is a mastermind behind our DimSumCouver Expeditions.) En route, this was our stop – Joyce Jiaozi. I loved the hot chili – cilantro pork! Of course, the dumplings too.

Dumpling Night
Tonight, I visited a friend’s place for a party with Andrea Nguyen. She wrote Asian Dumplings, published last year. We practiced wrapping dumplings, ate very very well, & ended the evening with a discussion about her inspiration and her childhood.

Klassy Kween Anne!

Today will be a lot like yesterday. Another day, another errand. I came across this on Queen Anne this morning. I like how they’re all classy up there, check out the Bohemian offerings.

leprechauns & rainbows!
Ongoing wedding planning directed me towards Display & Costume tonight. I love a leprechaun!

But let’s not forget upcoming Valentine’s Day. I appreciated the reminder before shopping. I’m horrible with remembering to pick up gifts.

My first Valentine’s gift of 2010: Quatchi. We both love the earmuffs.

This fella’s a mascot for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Under a week away! Excited!

The sun's out AFTER work now! YEAH!
As we left work today, a coworker confided, “Doesn’t it feel like we’ve turned the corner on Winter?” Yup. It was dusk! At 5:30! It’ll just keep getting better from here.

Mr. T and I stopped for Happy Hour at newly reopened Scarlet Tree on our way home from work. The banner for half priced appetizers from 5-7 had been tempting us for two weeks — sounded more fun than firing up the stove.

Halfway through our chalky little dish of teeny fish tacos and the Mediterranean feta hummus plate, I asked him if we should just take off although I was still hungry. I confessed I bought a bag of frozen hot ‘n spicy wings from Costco “for emergencies” the night before (I hadn’t eaten all day; I was weak). I told him I would rather eat some of those. He pointed out cheap wings on the menu so I took one final leap.
Though they were delivered by a very nice young man, these wings were the scrawniest little twigs you ever did see. Lesson learnt.

The Scarlet Tree on Urbanspoon

Bellevue Picnic Bench Graffiti
So I took my lunch outside to one of the picnic benches in the office complex where I was in training this week. (By the way, that was a nice touch. The benches, that is.)

I noticed this little fella as I looked down to start eating.

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