The sun's out AFTER work now! YEAH!
As we left work today, a coworker confided, “Doesn’t it feel like we’ve turned the corner on Winter?” Yup. It was dusk! At 5:30! It’ll just keep getting better from here.

Mr. T and I stopped for Happy Hour at newly reopened Scarlet Tree on our way home from work. The banner for half priced appetizers from 5-7 had been tempting us for two weeks — sounded more fun than firing up the stove.

Halfway through our chalky little dish of teeny fish tacos and the Mediterranean feta hummus plate, I asked him if we should just take off although I was still hungry. I confessed I bought a bag of frozen hot ‘n spicy wings from Costco “for emergencies” the night before (I hadn’t eaten all day; I was weak). I told him I would rather eat some of those. He pointed out cheap wings on the menu so I took one final leap.
Though they were delivered by a very nice young man, these wings were the scrawniest little twigs you ever did see. Lesson learnt.

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