Carcassone Creatures

One of Mr. T’s colleagues/friends had a small gang over to his place in Bellevue for dinner. Eventually, we were supposed to play Carcassone, but the chit-chit lasted so late, we had to head back before we could begin. Fun dinner, hopefully we can go back soon.

Fremont Rocket Fuselage

All the week’s activities caught up with me today. I went home an hour earlier than normal, all headachy and cranky. My nap lasted four hours — I only awakened because my good friend showed up and rang the doorbell to return a borrowed media card (had to get ready for Sunday’s Nisqually Delta field trip!). Glad she didn’t knock as my deep sleeping skillz are legendary.

I realized Mr. T must be out on the town and saw text messages to meet him and a friend at El Camino in Fremont. I arrived around 11. I had to park in my weekday garage, as there were no parking spots on the street, even that late! Crazy Fremont.

Desktop Tulips

A neighboring organization had a tech gathering tonight. Something like this is always going on, lately–add that to the list of Seattle positives.

Some deadlines are coming up, so it was worth my while to head back after the gathering to get some easy tasks out of the way, while all around was lovely quiet. Next thing I knew, it was 11 PM.

Then I remembered I hadn’t taken a picture yet, as I was skedaddling. Here’s my inspiration image of the quarter: sunshine-y tulips. They really do boost my mood against the gray outside.

Matte Stephens at Velocity

Last month, I’d heard about this design meetup-type thing, but missed it. This month, I planned ahead. Here’s a picture I took while the overhead AC briefly drowned out a softer-spoken panelist the front: Matte Stephens’ work. He’d spoken to the same group at Velocity last month. Here’s Matte’s blog and here’s his Etsy shop. I love the decor on the walls, too. Wish I could have made it to see this artist, but this month, I was lucky to hear the writers behind not martha, decorno, shelterrific, and mirrormirror.

Silence of the Lambs Blackberry Shot

Tonight, I went with friends to a comedic reading of Silence of the Lambs at the Rebar. I’ve been following this series for years and I am an avid fan of Nick Garrison, who played Clarice tonight.

I paused on sharing such a lo-fi photo from my Crackberry, but it captures today’s highlight the best. (I passed up a picture of Tango or the awesome belated birthday package from my mother. I have a mandoline!)

Mr. T’s parents came over the bridge from the Land of Kirk to celebrate his “30th birthday + one day” tonight. We walked down to Die Bierstube for German food. The story I like to tell and I’m stickin’ with it is that I am not a beer drinker, so I got Ubertang. Like Gatorade with a fancy energy drink thrown in; quite thirst-quenching. I was up until 3 AM. On a school night!

I learned some things I didn’t know before about Mr. T’s grandfather (sidenote: Mr. T’s grandfather was born less than an hour from where I was born in Louisiana, though he never lived there after 18). I knew about his participation in D-Day but not about the battles in Africa, Italy, waiting in England for D-Day at Omaha Beach, then later the liberation of the Buchenwald camp, before he’d made it to age 22. Yeah, he’s good people.

Latona Pub

Latona Pub is a recent new favorite — just east of Greenlake, just west of Roosevelt. It’s pub food, but upscale. Ish. Tasty, but not cheap. Which is sort of anti-pub. It averages 2-5 bucks more per dish than you’d expect.

We biked over there in the early evening and joined a few of Mr. T’s old college friends in celebration of his 30th birthday. Dessert was back at the house: Carrot Cake (from scratch!) and Mario Kart.

Baron, mid-grin

We spent most of Saturday working in our garden. The Baron was pleased to be out with us.

For dinner, we fired up the grill and barbecued shrimp, previously marinated in chili sauce.

Pies and Pints

This AM, moto mentioned heading to Neptune after work for the new Indiana Jones. I begged off, as we were meeting with some of Mr. T’s former internapster colleagues, but we’d be up for whatever she was doing afterward. Turned out, those plans were scuttled, and Mr. T and I were off to a late afternoon showing of the movie at Cinerama with his current colleagues. From there, we went with a group onto Belltown Pizza. Later, we got the call to meet up with moto and ‘stir & co. at Pies and Pints. I’d say we mostly ended the evening there, but moto walked back with us to our house for a nightcap and a long chat.

Great way to start the holiday weekend.

Fellow wanderer

Today, I finally made it to Skillet Street Food with some others to try their kobe-style beef burger with bacon jam and cambazola cheese, poutine, and the most amazing BLT ever. On the way back, I spotted this license plate holder. You could say it’s a theme of mine. Certainly seems how I choose the next destination.

While I was getting fresh air today on the B-G, I noticed the bridge up for the boat ahead. Picture time!

In just a few more weeks, this Ship Canal will be 10 times busier.

I hear the sun’ll come out tomorrow.

Roosevelt's Parking Warnings

Today, I was tempted to cheat and post an old picture, but I told myself at the project start that I wanted a picture a day. I didn’t declare an end date; I should. For now, I plan a year. More game rules would keep me on my toes.

It feels like a slow start — I am a much more dynamic gadabout than these would indicate, it’s on the down-low at the moment. So I should chill. I guess I needed to be housebound before I’d get this ball rolling. I’ve sat on it for months.

About this picture: Tonight, I walked to the grocery store for stamps. I used up a whole book in one sitting.  Like the current rise in gas prices, I blinked and suddenly stamps cost more than I remembered.

Parking is contentious in random pockets of Roosevelt, as in many Seattle neighborhoods. This corner happens to be unzoned.

Hungarian Yellow Pepper Plant

This year, Mr. T decided that he wanted a vegetable garden. Maybe it’s all the press about urban homesteading? Last year, I went crazy with multiple varieties of basil and mint and tomatoes and peppers and more. I’m happy most of the mint, chives, oregano, and thyme made it through this Winter.

This year, I’m not as enthusiastic.  I think it’s the delayed start to Spring in Seattle I mentioned yesterday. Nevertheless, I’m getting involved. I’ll catch on.

About this picture: Today I hung out in the backyard. We planted two beds over the weekend and two trays of annual herbs and some random vegetables. Mr. T did the heavier lifting of working on the newly-created 4’x8′ beds with tomatoes, lettuce, beans, radishes, cucumbers, and peppers. Some were starts, some were seeds. We noticed this AM that we had visitors…birds love seeds! Now, we hunt for solutions.

Here I go. My good friend Maya started her own photoblog and I’m following suit. It’s only fitting to have my first post on her birthday!

I’m housebound for the week, but we spent most of the weekend starting a grand vegetable garden. We’ve lived in our house almost two years and both years, I’ve forgotten that we have lilacs until Spring arrives. And to think, I nearly cut these down over the Winter, forgetting what they were.

Seattle’s a late bloomer this year.

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