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No Parking

Roosevelt's Parking Warnings

Today, I was tempted to cheat and post an old picture, but I told myself at the project start that I wanted a picture a day. I didn’t declare an end date; I should. For now, I plan a year. More game rules would keep me on my toes.

It feels like a slow start — I am a much more dynamic gadabout than these would indicate, it’s on the down-low at the moment. So I should chill. I guess I needed to be housebound before I’d get this ball rolling. I’ve sat on it for months.

About this picture: Tonight, I walked to the grocery store for stamps. I used up a whole book in one sitting.  Like the current rise in gas prices, I blinked and suddenly stamps cost more than I remembered.

Parking is contentious in random pockets of Roosevelt, as in many Seattle neighborhoods. This corner happens to be unzoned.

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