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Our Own Victory Garden

Hungarian Yellow Pepper Plant

This year, Mr. T decided that he wanted a vegetable garden. Maybe it’s all the press about urban homesteading? Last year, I went crazy with multiple varieties of basil and mint and tomatoes and peppers and more. I’m happy most of the mint, chives, oregano, and thyme made it through this Winter.

This year, I’m not as enthusiastic.  I think it’s the delayed start to Spring in Seattle I mentioned yesterday. Nevertheless, I’m getting involved. I’ll catch on.

About this picture: Today I hung out in the backyard. We planted two beds over the weekend and two trays of annual herbs and some random vegetables. Mr. T did the heavier lifting of working on the newly-created 4’x8′ beds with tomatoes, lettuce, beans, radishes, cucumbers, and peppers. Some were starts, some were seeds. We noticed this AM that we had visitors…birds love seeds! Now, we hunt for solutions.

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