Sunflower en route to Skillet
Before yoga class, I hiked over to the weekly Skillet outpost by the Fremont Ship Canal. This was outside the Indoor Sun Shoppe, a place for all your hydroponic needs in the neighborhood. Shortly after this picture was taken, I got the 12-hour pork tacos.

Tonight, kickball! Too bad the weather turned crappy late afternoon. I was half hoping we’d get the rain-out phone call because I’m missing out on my beloved Brown Derby’s rendition of 9 to 5. But, I’m a team player, so kickballing it is.

Paseo Menu
It’s surprising that this is my only picture of today, at lunchtime, as the evening was full of socializing. Mr. T messaged me at lunchtime to go with him and his colleagues to Paseo. Of course, I was in. Of course, lunch was good.

He’d invited many of the same folk over for BBQ tonight, along with a couple of friends from his college days. Good BBQ, good chatter, followed by a good game — Guillotine. I got motomotoyama to stop by on her way home. Mr. T turned into a pumpkin near midnight, and we closed up shop. Good way to spend a schoolnight with ten folk, if you ask me.

Tonight, I detoured a few times on my bike ride home. This isn’t far from the Roosevelt Whole Foods, between the WF and Cowan Park. A moment into this stop, some stoner college kids walked by. They tripped a bit over the bee situation. So then I found myself taking tons more pictures than I anticipated, to eavesdrop on their disjointed conversations until they wandered in the direction of their bus stops.

Tonight found me back in Georgetown. Across from Calamity Jane’s, I noticed a new-to-me shop named george. It was shuttered for the evening, but looked promising from the outside. Should revisit.

The first time I heard the term Starter Marriage, I was at a poker game amongst fellow Interns from the Utah Legislature. One of these days, I’ll track down where some of those folks are…

everything's better off the grill
Most folks were out of town, so my monthly cookbook group gathering was postponed. Instead, we invited over folks for grilling and sundaes. See also: previous post about buying ice cream. I bought more.

My old roommate motomotoyama came over, moto’s nephew, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, who happens to be another dear former roommate of mine (my big brother here in Seattle). A good ol’ Sunday family dinner.

Mr. T grilled up burgers, asparagus, and another rekindled love: corn on the cob. A+++. We finished off with Uno and sundaes.

On a Doily
Earlier, we’d planned to go to a daytime Summer party at Remlinger Farms. We canceled on those plans and I spent most of the day reading before a 5.5 mile afternoon run featuring Greenlake. I wish carrying the camera wasn’t such an impediment on long runs, but carrying *anything* kills me over a mile or so.

We joined friends at 10 Mercer for dinner, a party of 8. I eschewed the fancier entrees and rochambeau’d with Celeste over whether to get the famed Stilton burger (Celeste = paper) or the crab cake sandwich (I threw down rock). Stilton burger it was.

They brought this out pre-entree and Celeste exclaimed, “Oh, look! They brought you ketchup on a doily!” (Giggling ensued. Maybe you had to be there.)

I’m actually going to take a real picture tomorrow, I swear. This week = photographic bust.

Orange Dream Karaoke
Today, the exhaustion carried over from yesterday, so it was a low-key Friday night. I napped in the late afternoon, but got motivated to run once I awoke by promising myself ice cream at the end. This is the outcome when I can’t decide which ice cream to get. I’m glad I could stop at two kinds; I nearly bought more with the notion I’d invite people over to help me eat the rest. I restrained myself.

Phnom Penh Noodle Soup House
Today mostly wore me out. In a good way.

I finished up a second day of training (certifiable!) and headed over to the Fremont Ballroom for a summer gathering related to my day thing. I attempted to leave twice, but was lured back in for a challenge…which would put me in the right frame of mind for kickball. Kickball was up next in the 6 o’clock hour — we won 3-2. YES.

Then, I flew down to the International District, where my friend Traca had invited me to join an off-menu dinner for ~15 people at a Cambodian restaurant: Phnom Penh Noodle House. From one forum, I’ve learned we had: “…herbed duck with ginger sauce, tamarind seafood soup with pineapple, fried fish with sweet/sour sauce, some addictive carmelized chicken wings and the Lok Luk steak cubes with a lemon, salt and pepper sauce, and the mussels in curry sauce…” After the group dispersed, Traca and I and one other new person–an English professor–headed next door to Kau Kau to chat. I finally got to try their renowned BBQ pork (thumbs up!). The professor didn’t stay long then Kau Kau closed up shop so we moved outside. We side-stepped the hustlas and the ladies, as necessary. The area was dicier than I recalled, but it didn’t cross the line.

We kept gabbing until midnight. I love that.

A month or two ago, I had this side project idea…which has since been shelved. Before I shelved it, though, I’d RSVP’d yes to a gathering tonight at Velocity, which featured the Canadian authors of The Boss of You, a guide for women entrepreneurs. I noticed the reminder yesterday and thought I should still go anyway. None of my pictures of the authors or attendees turned out particularly flattering, so this is what I’ve got to share. Better luck tomorrow, eh?

Mr. T turned 30 around 60 days ago. The surprise his mom sent him is still afloat at his office.

Tonight, I took this shortly before an eclectic dinner of beef tenderloin, vegan jambalaya, roasted spring vegetables and a divine chocolate cupcake. DIVINE, I tell you. I love light chocolate cake. Then I came home to letter-writing, gardening, working on my Summer Reading List, and no running as it’s my day after my weekly long run. I do enjoy the off-nights. Balance, my friends, I’m working on the balance.

In the queue
The top two are book club fodder — Valley of the Dolls next month, Twilight for October. I have not yet procured September’s Catch 22.

For the weighty foreign policy ones — it’s been nearly 10 years since we went on a break. Time to rekindle.

Meet Sammy, the service dog. He hails from Tampa/St. Pete in Florida and is summering here in Seattle. Officially he belongs to my friend Debi’s Mom, but I believe she belongs to Sammy. He’s very quiet and sweet and has that strong chihuahua love of cuddling and wrapping themselves in blankets. Yet, he has a strong aversion to the lens. This is two seconds from growling.

We met him at Debi’s July Party, where we lounged on the deck and had…more BBQ. Afterwards, we expected to wind down for the night but that all changed when motomotoyama rang to report the rollergirl post-bout crawl was happening in our hood. As a rule, and ignoring recent homebody-like behaviors, I am not one to turn down a social call.

Another BBQ night
We’ve discovered the best charcoal ever from Whole Foods, which has turned our backyard Weber into our primary stove.

Today featured a good-bye lunch and good-bye happy hour to a beloved colleague. Tonight after bbq-ing, I ran 3.5 miles to pick up my bike, biked back, and watched Lars and the Real Girl. Lars = Recommended. Don’t get too scared off by the synopsis…

El Broccoli
Another from the backyard — this time, broccoli. It’s finally forming into something more broccoli-like.

Today was a lay-low kind of day. In the afternoon, once the clouds broke, I was so pleased with how the weather couldn’t be any more perfect. Here’s hoping the weekend is more of the same.

Cook on Duty
Tonight, we hung out with Mr. T’s colleagues. We started at the Ballroom for pizza (which would later be bad luck for me) and ended at the 5 Point, a fine institution in Belltown. Lovely company.

Garden, mid-July
This shot is a quick drive-by, as I prepped to do a 10 mile run tonight.

We’ve harvested all the arugula and some radishes, lettuce, and chard. The beans are still trucking along, as are the varieties of lettuce. The tomatoes are sadder than I expected, but the cilantro’s gone wild.

Are We There Yet?
Tonight’s book club took us to visit our hosts Todd and Cynthia up in SnohoCo. This month’s book was Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, by Judy Blume. Bonus points received for reading Then Again, Maybe I Won’t. I’m resolving now to read more YA fiction.

And also, I do enjoy the nostalgic discussions.

Mel shocked us all during discussion by revealing that Captain Amy got her a cell phone! She was the last holdout.

South Lake Union Trolley
At the end of our Urban Race, motomotoyama and I took the infamous S.L.U.T., oops, I mean the renamed Seattle Streetcar, back to Westlake to catch another bus to the finish line. We came in 14th. Not bad for not breaking much beyond a mosey. Captain Amy and Kristi came in 2nd.

Our race route: we started in Pioneer Square, hiked uphill to the Kobe Park in the International District, bussed to Nordstrom for the Seattle Walk of Fame, bussed to Capitol Hill to the trekpoint at Salon Dewi, walked all over the friggin Seattle U campus looking for the damn peace sign, then walked back down Broadway to find the Tango Steps. Next, we walked to Olive and then down the hill to South Lake Union for another trekpoint at Mad Pizza and some other random stop to make our final checkpoint. We sauntered back to Pioneer Square via the Streetcar and one more bus. Bikes, cabs, and wheels were verboten. Our official time was 2:53.

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