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Happy Pioneer Day

Phnom Penh Noodle Soup House
Today mostly wore me out. In a good way.

I finished up a second day of training (certifiable!) and headed over to the Fremont Ballroom for a summer gathering related to my day thing. I attempted to leave twice, but was lured back in for a challenge…which would put me in the right frame of mind for kickball. Kickball was up next in the 6 o’clock hour — we won 3-2. YES.

Then, I flew down to the International District, where my friend Traca had invited me to join an off-menu dinner for ~15 people at a Cambodian restaurant: Phnom Penh Noodle House. From one forum, I’ve learned we had: “…herbed duck with ginger sauce, tamarind seafood soup with pineapple, fried fish with sweet/sour sauce, some addictive carmelized chicken wings and the Lok Luk steak cubes with a lemon, salt and pepper sauce, and the mussels in curry sauce…” After the group dispersed, Traca and I and one other new person–an English professor–headed next door to Kau Kau to chat. I finally got to try their renowned BBQ pork (thumbs up!). The professor didn’t stay long then Kau Kau closed up shop so we moved outside. We side-stepped the hustlas and the ladies, as necessary. The area was dicier than I recalled, but it didn’t cross the line.

We kept gabbing until midnight. I love that.

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