UV lights

I kinda wish that businesses would keep the lights up all Winter.

(The sun hadn’t even officially set, when I took this picture. So dark today!)

Wedgwood Broiler
Last week, the usual gang visited Wedgwood Broiler for Burger of the Month. Since I had other plans that night, tonight we had a makeup session AKA Breakaway Splinter Cell BOM.

We sat in the lounge, where it was like we were stepping back in time a decade or three, and where photos don’t turn out so well in low lighting. They are a meat haven with a London Broil on special as we walked in the door. They grind their own hamburger meat. I ordered the Texas Burger with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, & fried onion ring: medium rare, fries, jalapenos on the side. It’s my new favorite burger in NE Seattle. Inexpensive (9.50), unpretentious, and delicious. When Mr. T finished his Hamburger Dip, I reappropriated the au jus for myself. I mean, why not take it over the top when you have the chance?

Not only will I return for the burger, but they have trivia!

P.S. This review from ’08 still applies. And the first comment in the Stranger’s good review calls out (positively) our very competent waitress, Carol.

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Boxing Day Sushi
I woke this morning as Mr. T was returning from Kung Fu class. How appropriate for Boxing Day.

We did a whole lot of puttering and decluttering with the TV on as background noise. 4 movies in 24 hours — with a common thread of Hugh Grant. Turns out, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve gotten my Bridget Jones Diary & Love Actually watching in. For Christmas, Mr. T also gave me a new flat panel TV to use in the treadmill room. (I am a longtime Netflix Running Plan devotee, and this is a major step up from my laptop perched on top of 10 thick cookbooks.)

We went for sushi at Village Sushi. Excellent service, good Agedashi Tofu and Oshinko (japanese seasonal pickles), and a decent spicy Dynamite Roll, though not fiery enough for me! I am a special case, though.
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This Moment Needed to Be Memorexed
My exact words to RachelBelle just moments before as the dog tried to stick his face through the too-small door: “This moment needs to be memorexed.” Of course, she caught the Reality Bites ref in 2 seconds.

This was the 2nd year in a row for the Gastrognome’s hot drinks party. We brought the hot Apple Pie Cider.

You will not believe how glad I am that I have met you.

Before heading to tonight’s latke party, I spotted this card shopping for holiday gifts. I had to stop and take a picture. It captures how I feel for many in my life.

Naomi lights the Menorah

Lupec at chantanee
I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures at the height of the party.

LUPEC: Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails, Seattle Chapter.

I like to describe this LUPEC monthly meeting as my Ladies Drinking Society. It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and this time was sponsored by Novo Fogo. The bartender made Novo Fogo cachaça cocktails and Chantanee Thai provided an amazing array of delicious Thai food. Remarkably delicious, all around. Bonus: we even had crispy garlic chicken to take home! The chicken was so addicting that Mr. T couldn’t help himself from polishing off 2/3rds of my leftovers within five minutes of my walking in the front door. I’d head back for the atmosphere of this bar, the delightful service, and that crispy garlic chicken.

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