Today was too much running around. Tomorrow, motomotoyama and I will be in the Urban Race, a scavenger hunt all over Seattle. We are Team Sparkle Motion. Therefore, we needed matching shirts and hit up Northgate. Of course I saw these in the next store after we bought our pair of shirts and moto’d left. Well, we came up with a better team name for our next urban race based on what we got, so all’s well.

The Baron’s begging doesn’t get him much, yet he still carries on with the hope.

Mr. T and I are huge fans of the backyard BBQ; we’re getting some momentum now. I’m still working on leftovers from Monday’s BBQ during lunches. Tonight, we had Salmon Jalapeno Burgers.

I’m finishing the night by watching Paris Je T’aime.

Haz War Led You To Peacez
Tonight, I walked to the Maple Leaf Grill to meet a friend for Dinner. The dinner, the company — tres bien. I took a detour heading home and came upon this house not far from the genesis of Lake City Way.

LA at the B&GC, Ballard
We weren’t nearly as victorious as two weeks ago. We lost 6-1. But I got a single! Which turned into a double. I didn’t make it to 3rd.

Outside of the kickball field, there’s this huge painted map of the US–and not the only one I’ve seen in Seattle. Every time I come across one, I’ve witnessed this tendency of grown adults to hop straight to their birth state. This city draws people from all over. Tonight, I saw Maine, Georgia, NC, Illinois, Arizona, and California represented.

I passed on the post-Kickball outing to King’s Hardware. Next time. Instead, I chatted with a longtime local friend standing near my home state. When I got home, I talked for two hours with an old, old friend from Louisiana who now lives in Los Angeles. Two hours! Crazy, but good.

Our tomatoes are struggling, but the chard is robust this year. We harvested it tonight, after barbecuing.

I’m wondering if I’ve ever had chard before.

Lost Dog
Friends of ours just bought a house in Ballard, so after a Mexican dinner in Crown Hill, we went to check it out. One of their neighbors had this setup.

Packing up and out
It started raining around 10 PM yesterday. By 10 AM today, we decided to pack it in and head back home. It was gonna be way too miserable to stick around. Better luck next time.

This was one of the final moments before we headed out.

Olympic Peninsula
For five years now (with the exception of one year where there was a work conflict), we’ve vacationed with friends on the July 4th weekend. The first two years were to Vancouver, BC. This year, and two years ago, we went to the Olympic Peninsula. The drive is long, but almost always worth it.

Steelhead Diner
Mr. T’s mother’s birthday is coming up, so we went down to Pike Place Market to celebrate at the Steelhead Diner. We started with the crab cakes and finished with the poundcake for his parents and the Theo chocolate pecan pie for us. For our mains, Mr. T and I stuck with poboys, along with his Dad, but his Mom got this trout that reminded me of the Trout Meuniere Amandine at Galatoire’s of New Orleans.

The rich boy’s poboy was decent and all, but Mr. T’s catfish ‘poor boy’ was ethereal.

from Madison Park, near the bathhouse
Today was mostly too busy for snapshots. I remembered on my way home from dinner. I was gonna hold back on posting at all, but this was pretty much my mood at 9:30 PM on this Tuesday night.

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