LA at the B&GC, Ballard
We weren’t nearly as victorious as two weeks ago. We lost 6-1. But I got a single! Which turned into a double. I didn’t make it to 3rd.

Outside of the kickball field, there’s this huge painted map of the US–and not the only one I’ve seen in Seattle. Every time I come across one, I’ve witnessed this tendency of grown adults to hop straight to their birth state. This city draws people from all over. Tonight, I saw Maine, Georgia, NC, Illinois, Arizona, and California represented.

I passed on the post-Kickball outing to King’s Hardware. Next time. Instead, I chatted with a longtime local friend standing near my home state. When I got home, I talked for two hours with an old, old friend from Louisiana who now lives in Los Angeles. Two hours! Crazy, but good.

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2 Responses to Another Kickball Night

  1. Maya says:

    I’ve never seen one of these maps. Great idea! I didn’t know you were playing kickball.

  2. Rachel says:

    The kickball idea came about after I lamented I need a good team sport. It’s probably not active enough, but the folks on my team are pretty cool and very welcoming and friendly. So, for the social aspect, I’d give it an A .

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