Today was too much running around. Tomorrow, motomotoyama and I will be in the Urban Race, a scavenger hunt all over Seattle. We are Team Sparkle Motion. Therefore, we needed matching shirts and hit up Northgate. Of course I saw these in the next store after we bought our pair of shirts and moto’d left. Well, we came up with a better team name for our next urban race based on what we got, so all’s well.

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3 Responses to Team Sparkle Motion

  1. Maya says:

    When’s the next one? Can you have more than two in a team?

  2. Rachel says:

    Late September, there’s a similar race called The Oyster. Not sure if I’ll be doing it…but we’ll see.

  3. Maya says:

    Let me know when it gets closer if you do it. If it’s only two to a team, maybe I’ll try to find a partner.

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