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First Ride on the S.L.U.T.

South Lake Union Trolley
At the end of our Urban Race, motomotoyama and I took the infamous S.L.U.T., oops, I mean the renamed Seattle Streetcar, back to Westlake to catch another bus to the finish line. We came in 14th. Not bad for not breaking much beyond a mosey. Captain Amy and Kristi came in 2nd.

Our race route: we started in Pioneer Square, hiked uphill to the Kobe Park in the International District, bussed to Nordstrom for the Seattle Walk of Fame, bussed to Capitol Hill to the trekpoint at Salon Dewi, walked all over the friggin Seattle U campus looking for the damn peace sign, then walked back down Broadway to find the Tango Steps. Next, we walked to Olive and then down the hill to South Lake Union for another trekpoint at Mad Pizza and some other random stop to make our final checkpoint. We sauntered back to Pioneer Square via the Streetcar and one more bus. Bikes, cabs, and wheels were verboten. Our official time was 2:53.

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I wanted to do that Urban race when I heard about it ages ago. The folks I asked didn’t want to do it and I promptly forgot all about it. I wish I had known you were doing it. It looked fun. I would have only mosey-d myself… Maybe next year!

It sounds like there will be another related race coming up in September. This race only let you have 2 to a team, though.

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