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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

Are We There Yet?
Tonight’s book club took us to visit our hosts Todd and Cynthia up in SnohoCo. This month’s book was Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, by Judy Blume. Bonus points received for reading Then Again, Maybe I Won’t. I’m resolving now to read more YA fiction.

And also, I do enjoy the nostalgic discussions.

Mel shocked us all during discussion by revealing that Captain Amy got her a cell phone! She was the last holdout.

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I’m shocked. Truly I am. I guess no one is left!

I’m so sorry to have missed out. I read both books too! Did the others? How was the discussion?

Most of the group seemed to have read both books. I only read the first one — but the next AM, I wasn’t able to sleep after 6:30-ish (???) and read half of Then Again, Maybe I Won’t. I am enjoying it more than the Are You There, but that may be because of novelty.

I think I enjoyed it more as well. But, what else is new? Of course, I related more to the boy character. Typical of me. Margaret must have been popular ’cause I sure didn’t have a group of friends that talked about such things and longed for such things! I didn’t relate at all.

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