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On a Doily: Take That, Robuchon!

On a Doily
Earlier, we’d planned to go to a daytime Summer party at Remlinger Farms. We canceled on those plans and I spent most of the day reading before a 5.5 mile afternoon run featuring Greenlake. I wish carrying the camera wasn’t such an impediment on long runs, but carrying *anything* kills me over a mile or so.

We joined friends at 10 Mercer for dinner, a party of 8. I eschewed the fancier entrees and rochambeau’d with Celeste over whether to get the famed Stilton burger (Celeste = paper) or the crab cake sandwich (I threw down rock). Stilton burger it was.

They brought this out pre-entree and Celeste exclaimed, “Oh, look! They brought you ketchup on a doily!” (Giggling ensued. Maybe you had to be there.)

I’m actually going to take a real picture tomorrow, I swear. This week = photographic bust.

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