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The Garden Update

Garden, mid-July
This shot is a quick drive-by, as I prepped to do a 10 mile run tonight.

We’ve harvested all the arugula and some radishes, lettuce, and chard. The beans are still trucking along, as are the varieties of lettuce. The tomatoes are sadder than I expected, but the cilantro’s gone wild.

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Our cilantro always goes wild. And by goes wild, I mean goes to seed and stops giving us all of those delicious, delicious leaves. Gardening’s hard. And we’ve just got clay pots.

This is the first year I’ve planted cilantro in the ground, instead of in a container. In previous years, with the containers, they’ve gone to seed and died quickly. I’d been thinking if I had no luck with in-ground, I’d research the slow-bolt plants. I’m cautiously optimistic with the in-ground situation and for bonus points, we’d heard cilantro would help repel the aphids.

I <3 cilantro, but rarely have luck with growing it.

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