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No Parking

Roosevelt's Parking Warnings

Today, I was tempted to cheat and post an old picture, but I told myself at the project start that I wanted a picture a day. I didn’t declare an end date; I should. For now, I plan a year. More game rules would keep me on my toes.

It feels like a slow start — I am a much more dynamic gadabout than these would indicate, it’s on the down-low at the moment. So I should chill. I guess I needed to be housebound before I’d get this ball rolling. I’ve sat on it for months.

About this picture: Tonight, I walked to the grocery store for stamps. I used up a whole book in one sitting.  Like the current rise in gas prices, I blinked and suddenly stamps cost more than I remembered.

Parking is contentious in random pockets of Roosevelt, as in many Seattle neighborhoods. This corner happens to be unzoned.

at home

Inaugural Lilacs

Here I go. My good friend Maya started her own photoblog and I’m following suit. It’s only fitting to have my first post on her birthday!

I’m housebound for the week, but we spent most of the weekend starting a grand vegetable garden. We’ve lived in our house almost two years and both years, I’ve forgotten that we have lilacs until Spring arrives. And to think, I nearly cut these down over the Winter, forgetting what they were.

Seattle’s a late bloomer this year.