Latona Pub

Latona Pub is a recent new favorite — just east of Greenlake, just west of Roosevelt. It’s pub food, but upscale. Ish. Tasty, but not cheap. Which is sort of anti-pub. It averages 2-5 bucks more per dish than you’d expect.

We biked over there in the early evening and joined a few of Mr. T’s old college friends in celebration of his 30th birthday. Dessert was back at the house: Carrot Cake (from scratch!) and Mario Kart.

Pies and Pints

This AM, moto mentioned heading to Neptune after work for the new Indiana Jones. I begged off, as we were meeting with some of Mr. T’s former internapster colleagues, but we’d be up for whatever she was doing afterward. Turned out, those plans were scuttled, and Mr. T and I were off to a late afternoon showing of the movie at Cinerama with his current colleagues. From there, we went with a group onto Belltown Pizza. Later, we got the call to meet up with moto and ‘stir & co. at Pies and Pints. I’d say we mostly ended the evening there, but moto walked back with us to our house for a nightcap and a long chat.

Great way to start the holiday weekend.

While I was getting fresh air today on the B-G, I noticed the bridge up for the boat ahead. Picture time!

In just a few more weeks, this Ship Canal will be 10 times busier.

I hear the sun’ll come out tomorrow.

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