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Latona Pub

Latona Pub

Latona Pub is a recent new favorite — just east of Greenlake, just west of Roosevelt. It’s pub food, but upscale. Ish. Tasty, but not cheap. Which is sort of anti-pub. It averages 2-5 bucks more per dish than you’d expect.

We biked over there in the early evening and joined a few of Mr. T’s old college friends in celebration of his 30th birthday. Dessert was back at the house: Carrot Cake (from scratch!) and Mario Kart.

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Hi! Thanks for the link to On Focus Photo. I added a link to your site as well. Love the neon against the sky. I look forward to seeing more!

Thank you, Christy! I’ve been watching your picture posts for a while — congrats on your recent successes at the Street Fair.

I am slow. Super super slow. I just now realized I recognize your work. I’ve been reading the other blog “I wander…” for, I don’t know, at least a year. Maybe longer. I actually found Maya Photography from there originally. So there ya go. Full circle. If you have any interest I keep a written blog at Have a great weekend.

(I promise I am not usually this dumb unless there’s alcohol involved.)

That cracks me up, but similar things have happened to me as well. This is such a small town (world), I get more and more proof everyday.

I am interested in the follyb blog — thanks for sending that! I’ll add it to the Reader. 🙂

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