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Mr. T & I had lunch with his parents at one of our tried and true: the Latona Pub. I took care of more post-wedding errands in the afternoon, done in time for a dinner walk over to Greenlake’s new place: The Pour House.

I’d read yelpy reviews & braced myself for a repeat of a recent bad experience at another new place. I’m relieved to report we had a fun dinner with great service, assembled from the $5 happy hour plate menu: jamaican jerk chicken, crab spring rolls, pork sliders and calamari with wasabi sauce. The sliders were right, the jerk chicken spicy with this mango salsa salad thing going on, & the crab rolls were bolstered by sweet chili sauce. That calamari was an unexpected hit; we’ve only really loved it like this in Greece. Mr. T enjoyed them even more than I did. So in the interest of marital harmony, I let him have most, including the last one. 🙂

Some places just dial it in and produce filler during that happy hour time zone, but tonight’s offerings demonstrated why these dishes are on menus in the first place. When done well, they’re so satisfying. It’s not a destination for most Seattle-ites. But for those in walking distance, it’s worth the patronage. And it’s only opening week.

Then we walked home in the early evening sunshine, pleased we have the Spring and Summer ahead of us.
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