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Guarding the Carpets

The Dog at R@venna Carpets
Spied on our walk home from dinner — I noticed this fella last week.

I got home late from work, so Mr. T & I walked to a new Lebanese restaurant in the hood called Harissa. We felt very welcomed there. We ordered the Lebanese Salad (remarkably similar to a Greek village salad), Walid’s tomato salad, hummus, and Lamb Souvlaki. Plenty of food — next time, we’ll go for maybe sharing a souvlaki and one other item. We’ll be returning.
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Ravenna's Harissa

Earlier at lunch, I joined two friends at the new Revel in Fremont. It’s January but I can already tell Revel might be the best restaurant I’ll visit in 2011. The menu changes frequently, but I caught a picture of it below. We tried the 5-spiced duck meatballs with noodles, the ahi tuna rice bowl, the shitake rice bowl, and the coconut macaroon ice cream sandwich. Go — you will not be disappointed. And take a look at my friend’s great pictures of Revel here.

Revel Lunch

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