by First Cousin, Once Removed
Family party in Snohomish tonight for an aunt who hit a landmark birthday. Above is the handiwork of the daughters of Mr. T’s cousin.

It was a big sports day, ’round these parts. Congrats to the team who pulled it off.
Roosie 12th Man
I mourned the Saints’ loss until the family gathering.

Dom Polski
The Muffin Top Trio took a field trip to Dom Polski, the Polish Home, here in Seattle.

More carbs in one meal than I’d eaten all week. Magnificent!

I used to love watching Connections when I was younger. Tonight, we caught the first two episodes of the 1st series thanks to Netflix. I was alarmed that the SAS flight number into NYC was 911 until I reminded myself this (1978) was well before that time. I should look into whether or not he’s got a modernized series — he brought up a number of things I found coincidental.

Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Mr. T & I joined up with Celine and Ms. N for the finale of the Larsson Trilogy.

We walked to the Metro at dusk and noticed Royal Booze and Burritos took over for Jack’s Tapas, Mostly Chinese. Anyone been?
Royal Booze and Burritos

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