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Cliff Mass at Seattle Town Hall

Waiting at Town Hall
Town Hall’s a challenge for photos at night — I never really want to whip out a better camera or use flash inside. But, when it’s the highlight of the day…sometimes the phone cam feels like the best option.

We went to see Cliff Mass speak at Seattle Town Hall tonight. I love Seattle Town Hall & I love Cliff Mass. (I never cared so much until I moved here, but as the cloud cover makes such an impact on mood, energy, and whatnot, it’s felt natural to obsess about when blue skies might return.)

Cliff Mass is on NPR every Friday morning. He talks weather patterns and forecasting. Tonight, his lecture covered Pacific Northwest forecasting history and he fielded audience questions. As a transplant who hears about past events every year, getting the back-story is good. He has a new book out: The Weather of the Pacific Northwest.

I should become a member of Town Hall already–fantastic venue for author events and speakers. Same location as the recent Malcolm Gladwell talk.

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