Evening Commute, Now with More Dusk
I left at the same time as usual, but see how we’re inching towards Spring! Almost by 6, there’s now a fine dusk to accompany our way home from Fremont.

Tonight, I spent with folks in Burien. Sometime, I’ll head back to check out more taquerias and the Hans’ German Delicatessen. On my way there and back, I watched the coolest sight — planes low over I-5, heading into Boeing Field and SeaTac.

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2 Responses to Evening Commute

  1. jeremy says:

    Hans’ has great sausages and salami. Love it.
    Taqueria La Estacion is our Mexican of choice.

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the tips — I will make a note of that taqueria for next time, too.

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