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Happy Valentine’s Day

Fran's Chocolates
Mr. T & I field-tripped to Glazer’s where I got a new bag and flash diffuser for the holiday. When we got home, he carried it in from the car. I went to open the bag to rearrange, and found a box of Fran’s Chocolates inside. Sneaky!

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Which bag did you get? I’ve been using a Naneu Pro sling bag for daily use and a Mountainsmith Correspondent for travel (holds a 17″ laptop and 2 portfolios as well as two camera systems or one camera system and toiletries).

Maya, I like to think so! 😉

B, I got the Crumpler (5 million dollar home?). I am really unsure how it’ll hold up to travel and so on, but it’s my first bag. Glazer’s said I could give it a trial run for two weeks, so I’m trying to carry it everywhere. It definitely couldn’t fit a laptop, though.

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