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The day after a holiday is always a little more jam-packed, isn’t it? Add to that — this morning, I finally could drop my car off to get it repaired after last month’s incident. I had to wait for clearance.

I was entitled to a rental car, which I coordinated for lunchtime. On my way back, I stopped at Essential Baking Company‘s cafe in Wallingford/Fremont (Wallingmont!) to pick up a daily special Blue Turkey sandwich. I buy their goods frequently, and have even assisted in a local cooking class for the owner, but it’s been six years since I made a point to stop in their cafe. I was not disappointed: turkey with a creamy Gorgonzola spread, red onions, greens on their multi-grain. I’m glad I got over my hesitation on the grain, as it surpassed overly wheaty expectations right into the savory tasty zone.

I might have to go back tomorrow to try more of their winter menu.
Essential Baking

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