This arrived just as I was ready to gnaw on my silverware.
We thought we would check out Delancey on our way home from game day at Jason’s. We waited foreeeeeeeeeeeeever for this pizza.

LUPEC at Poppy
This month, the ladies of LUPEC Seattle met at Poppy on Capitol Hill. I’ve meant to go here for years; I was glad to have an excuse to go and catch up with good buddies.

I would also like to thank the LDS missionaries for helping me find the correct bus stop, so that I could make it on time. Such nice boys!

Preview: Prohibition by Ken Burns
Tonight at Intiman, Mr. T & I attended a KCTS preview screening of the upcoming Prohibition series by Ken Burns. It will be out on PBS in October.

Mr. Burns and his colleagues led a panel discussion after we viewed about an hour of clips. Fascinating exploration into the unintended consequences of single-issue politics and legislation. Bonus: lots of clips focused on the Seattle trade during this era. I didn’t realize Seattle was a such central character in the import/export business during that time, but it makes perfect sense now!

My Rehabilitating Mint
Three months ago, I was resigned to this being a no-gardening year. The lousy weather confirmed this was a good choice. I’m glad I didn’t give up on everything, though.

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