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Lunchbox Lab, a Tribute Brunch

LL menu
For brunch today, Mr. T and I went with our friend (the inspiration for #5 in this menu, a righteous dude himself) to Lunchbox Lab. It felt important to me to commemorate.

Lunchbox Lab
The Tearjerker: Kobe beef, pepperjack, onions, jalapeno, habanero mayo, and Satan’s Tears ketchup. Not pictured: sweet potato fries with rosemary salt, nor the wicked awesome Heath Toffee Chocolate Shake.

We ordered our burgers, splurged on the shakes and drinks, and dedicated our meal to the creative force behind LL, who passed away recently. For someone I did not know personally, and only met when he worked at his grill, I was (am) surprised at how taken aback I was by this premature death.

RIP, Scott.

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