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First Day in Prague

Old Town Square, Prague
Right after noon, we arrived in Prague to meet our friends M & J near the baggage claim. We sailed through customs to meet our driver, who took us to our apartment near Male Namesti Square (apartments at U Kapra highly recommended).

After a quick unpacking session, we wandered the city to find ATMs, meet M’s parents, buy groceries, and generally acquaint ourselves with the area.

Astronomical Clock
The Astronomical Clock, at the Old Town Hall is currently under repairs. I was okay with this – I find the hourly displays overrated, though they make for interesting people-watching (and photo snapping).


I realized we’d found ourselves in Prague at a great time — the start of Easter celebrations. These painted eggs were everywhere.

Easter Switches - Braided Whips - Pomlázka

Later, we’d learn about these Easter switches, called Pomlázka. They’re made of pussywillow branches, tied with ribbons, to use on women. Not kidding! According to Czech tradition, boys use these to “gently swat” girls on Easter Monday. Supposed to guarantee beauty and health for the upcoming year. Girls reward the boys for this “treat” by giving back brightly colored painted eggs.

When our first day errands were done, M, J, Mr. T, and I settled into our first pub dinner at U Provaznice, aka The Rope Maker’s Wife.

U Provaznice - The Rope Maker's Wife
We thought other illustrations inside the menu were remarkably Angelina Jolie-like. There’s also a legend the place is haunted.

If you’ve see the Bourdain episode where he goes to Prague, you’ll recognize the massive portions of meat. This place had the perfect comfort food for the end of a long travel day.
Mine and Janet's Old Prague Plate at U ProvazniceFrom translation: Roast Pig's Leg with Horseradish and Mustard"

And interesting menu options:
U Provaznice, Menu Starters, Prague
Despite our curiosity about the Smelly Fingers of Ugly Joe, we did not order them. We did notice in the French menu that the name was a French tongue-twister, with no mention of a Joe.

Full of dumplings and pork, we ended the day with our first walk of the Charles Bridge.
Charles Bridge, Night

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