The Monastery Library
The Monastery Library

We began our sightseeing today at the Strahov Monastery and Library, after a satisfying lunch at Pivovar Strahov, the onsite brewery.

Beer Heer

From there, we walked back down into the main city through the Castle Grounds. En route we went past St. Vitus Cathedral.

Bridal Shoot at the Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral

We entered the cathedral at the perfect time of day. For all the churches I’ve seen in Europe, this is the first time, I’ve timed it so well to see all the colors reflected.

Stained Glass of St. Vitus

We walked downhill into old town.

The Museum of Communism is now upstairs from McDonald's
The Museum of Communism is now upstairs from McDonald’s.

Our plans for the night included Aida at the State Opera.

State Opera - Aida
State Opera - Aida

Opera-watching’s hard work. We rewarded ourselves at the EuroFood in Wenceslas Square, a la Bourdain.


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3 Responses to The Strahov Monastery, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Aida

  1. Ahhhhh!!! I can’t handle the Museum of Communism being above the McDonald’s. The irony kills me. Awesome. I love your eye for detail.

  2. Rachel says:


    I was so amused the ash heap of history is being stored safely above a McDonald’s in the Czech Republic.

  3. Maya says:

    Great shots!

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