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Mala Strana and Ruzena’s Book Launch Party

Just Hangin' in There

A business meeting on the west side of the Vltava motivated me across town on a sleepy, partly cloudy morning. After attending to that, and lunch at the Cafe Savoy, Mr. T and I wandered the Mala Strana.

Lennon Wall

We soon found the Lennon wall, a constant work in progress.

at the Lennon Wall

Nearby, we found another remnant of Euro youth pop culture: the love locks.

All You Need is Love
Mon chat, Ma princesse

A Prague visit would be incomplete without anything obviously surreal:
oh, just a bunch of surreal babies

Prague's March of the Penguins

Soon, we needed to wrap our wanderings up, for the evening book launch party being held in conjunction with the opening art exhibition. We took the opposite of a shortcut to the apartment to make sure we paid homage to the local Gehry installation.

Gehry's Fred and Ginger
Seattle was robbed with that EMP blob.

Invitation to the Book Party

We headed back to the Castle for the evening book launch party. The book’s publication was held in conjunction with the exhibition, and tonight featured speeches by descendants of the Futurists. Family stories were shared, and many family members from around the world met each other for the first time before and after the main presentations.

M and her Fam

When the after-party finally ended, our gang of 6 made our way to Malostranska Beseda, for another typico Czech dinner. Mr. T ordered yet another pork leg, and the beer drinkers had their toast!

The Civic Meal

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