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Sunshine with Friends, Dinner with Friends

Dinner with friends
Tonight, a double-header.

First, happy hour with friends at Ray’s — really, the best Summer viewpoint in Seattle. (Why no pictures of this? I was mesmerized by the sunshine and the good conversation.)

Second, dinner at Serafina’s with another. These kinds of evenings with good people are the ones that make me happiest about Seattle.

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Another view from the west side

View from the West Side
My boss had a small gathering tonight. This was the view near sunset.

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Translation – Chinese

It’s been nearly a month, but our new office is still settling into the space. I found these amongst all our English copies this morning. I think it’s swell.

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DimSumCouver Eve

Oh, Canada Place
I started out my day paddlesurfing in Andrews Bay on Lake Washington. I am proud to report I did not fall in the water once. A miracle! Although the water seemed so perfect, so maybe I should’ve gone for it.


After my lesson with Naomi, Mr. T & I took off for The Great White North. We arrived before the rest of the crew coming tomorrow for DimSumCouver #7.

L'Abbatoir: Our Dinner

We secured reservations in advance for L’Abbatoir. It came highly recommended by LUPEC ladies who visited in March. Now that I’ve been, I understand why — the bar is right up LUPEC’s alley.

Blood Alley in Gastown
And uh, it’s right by this alley, too.

After dinner, we walked the Night Market.

Chinatown Night Market

Overall, a very relaxing and quiet evening in downtown — the quietest I’ve ever seen Vancouver on a Saturday night.

The View Over Alberni
Nighttime over Alberni

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The Adventure School

The Adventure School
As seen while hunting for lunch.

I am intrigued.

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The Neighborhood Bartell D.

This Bartell Drugs is making me think of an Origins Counter.
My neighborhood drugstore is undergoing a remodel. I felt like I stepped into the Origins at Macy’s.

Going away party for a friend tonight. She’s headed south to Silicon Valley for start-up excitement. 🙁

At least it’s only 2 hours away by aeroplane.

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Ghost Tours?

Curious about this Restaurant's New Offering: GHOST TOURS
This morning, I noticed my work hood’s Creole restaurant now features Ghost Tours.

I am very curious.

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Monday Night with The Baron

Why are you staring at those books and machines all the time?
The Baron wants to know why we are looking at books and laptops all the time, when we could be outside stalking chickens.

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See Jane Run: Half-Marathon #10

I like to finish what I start.

This morning, I arose bright and early for my tenth half-marathon. Since the start of 2010, I’ve run 3 from the over-marketed Rock ‘n Roll Series, plus the traditional Thanksgiving weekend non-RnR Seattle race. By comparison, See Jane Run was refreshingly low-key. (With fewer crowds and all that entails.)


I enjoyed running the Burke-Gilman, and finally circumnavigating Lake Union. I wish I’d brought along more Gu gel or jellybeans, since both of the support booths were a few miles after the schedule posted online. By the time we got to the second, we were twelve miles in — far too late for a final hit of fuel since you need to take them 15 minutes before 45 minutes of exercise. I’ve never noticed hunger as much during a race before.

I did not train well for this, so I was surprised to finish only 10 minutes behind my February New Orleans time. I did far better than anticipated — it felt like the easiest race I’ve run since I’ve started. I’d like to thank the flat Burke-Gilman trail for that.

P.S. The next NOLA RnR Half is March 4. Take note!

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Carboloading en Français

Lamos at Le Gourmand
Mr. T and I finally made it to Le Gourmand today — it’s been on my shortlist to visit for 5 years. As a Francophile, I wanted to love it. It did not live up to hopes, though service was great. For $48, even when a gift certificate is involved, my steak should be in the league of the one at The Metropolitan Grill. The meat didn’t pack as much flavor, and the char was chalky. I would highly recommend blintzes from the small plates list and the crepes from the dessert menu, though.


They have a good non-alcoholic cocktail list, supplied by the neighboring Sambar. Pictured at the very top of this entry: pineapple syrup, lemon, and lime juice — I think. (I also wish they published their current drink menus online.) I believe it was called the Lamos; a perfect drink to accompany a grand meal the night before a long morning race.

See Jane Run Tomorrow

Overall judgment: the adjoining Sambar is more my speed.

Le Gourmand Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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My Thoughts on Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story

My Neighbor Keeps a Lovely Yard
When I went to check the mail, finally took notice of neighbors’ lovely front yard.

Thanks to the Netflix fairy, tonight, I watched Anne of Green Gables, the Continuing Story, produced in 1999 as the 3rd in Sullivan Entertainment’s productions. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Internet gossip claims the director created a whole new story based on a rights dispute with the estate of L.M. Montgomery. The original magic was lacking. Diana turns into a shrew. Anne and Gilbert move to NYC for work, then Gilbert and Fred go to fight WW1? I was happy to see the same actors, but they all looked thin. I fast-forwarded through the Anne-in-London scenes to get to the closing reunions.

Megan Follows (who played Anne in all 3, and I still love her) has gone on record saying that she didn’t even watch the final cut of the 3rd movie. I don’t blame her. But I’m glad I watched it as I’d been mildly curious since I caught the Anne-in-a-nun-habit scene of this trainwreck on PBS a decade ago.

I hear there’s a fourth with Shirley Maclaine as Anne, where Gilbert is dead and Anne knew her father before she was orphaned? WHAT? Sacrilege. I will not be watching that.

Sullivan is no kindred spirit — he actually admitted in press interviews that he acquired some rights before reading the book as an adult and found the story almost too juvenile to create a movie. Kevin, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I was obsessed with the first two Anne miniseries as a child, then later LMM’s canon. At least we still have her books (I’ve reread the first 6 in Anne since May — they hold up for me).

And I was very amused to find the AOGG Drinking Game.

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More from the yard

Now, these ivy weeds, I do not hesitate to destroy. They creep through the fences!

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Lucky Weeds

Lucky weeds
A month ago, I wanted to pull these weeds up, but someone else intervened — turns out these new arrivals in my backyard actually produce flowers I like. Lucky!

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KC Metro Bus Protest

KC Metro Protest
I caught a scene of the metro protest as I was heading home from downtown today. Really, really hope they don’t reduce all the bus service before I get a chance to use it better. It’s a pipe dream* of mine!

*Probably not the best literary expression, given my work hood. I like to stay at least across the street from them at all times.

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RN74, Take 2

RN74 Seattle

Tonight was dinner with K&J, M, and Mr. T. It was my second visit. This time, I passed on the entree menu and went for the burger from the lounge menu.

RN74 Burger

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Cookbook Club: A Good Day for a Picnic

Cookbook Club: A Good Day for a Picnic
Cookbook Club met again today. This month’s selection: A Good Day for a Picnic by Jeremy Jackson.

Lucia's Meatballz and Maggi's Tomatoes

We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for a picnic.

Lasso Noodle in the park!

I brought the Jordanian Lemonade and the Perfect Pimm’s for our three hours of sunshine and excellent company. Check out Tea’s coverage of our day over here.

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What, no pictures?

What, I took no pictures today? Crazy.

Picture it, if you will, Seattle 2011: We grilled in the backyard, we hung out with a few friends, and the dog got to herd labradoodles.

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Sweet Valley High Book Club: Double Love

Sweet Valley High book club has been called to order. #svhbc
Lucia hosted tonight’s special session of the Sweet Valley High Book Club: Double Love. There were hot dogs, Pimm’s Cups, junk food, health diagnoses, and interpretive readings.

To quote Lucia, “It was the best time with the worst book.” We spent longer discussing than it takes to read it.

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Paper Dolls at Occidental Park

Paper Dolls
So far, I like how something unusual is always happening in the new daytime hood.

Tonight was First Thursday — the monthly artwalk for Pioneer Square.

Reminded me of Feria de Mataderos

These dancers reminded me of Feria de Mataderos, in Buenos Aires.

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LUPEC at Knee High Stocking Co.

Steady, Check
LUPEC’s gathering for July — at Knee High Stocking Co. My first visit to the place, long overdue.

I started with Huey Long’s beloved Ramos Gin Fizz. It was the largest I’d seen. I’m not complaining, though when I realized a flight of 4 LUPEC specials were still to come, I introduced all my neighbors to the fizz.

Ramos Gin Fizz Seattle-Style
I’ll be getting this again.