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See Jane Run: Half-Marathon #10

I like to finish what I start.

This morning, I arose bright and early for my tenth half-marathon. Since the start of 2010, I’ve run 3 from the over-marketed Rock ‘n Roll Series, plus the traditional Thanksgiving weekend non-RnR Seattle race. By comparison, See Jane Run was refreshingly low-key. (With fewer crowds and all that entails.)


I enjoyed running the Burke-Gilman, and finally circumnavigating Lake Union. I wish I’d brought along more Gu gel or jellybeans, since both of the support booths were a few miles after the schedule posted online. By the time we got to the second, we were twelve miles in — far too late for a final hit of fuel since you need to take them 15 minutes before 45 minutes of exercise. I’ve never noticed hunger as much during a race before.

I did not train well for this, so I was surprised to finish only 10 minutes behind my February New Orleans time. I did far better than anticipated — it felt like the easiest race I’ve run since I’ve started. I’d like to thank the flat Burke-Gilman trail for that.

P.S. The next NOLA RnR Half is March 4. Take note!

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