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Lamos at Le Gourmand
Mr. T and I finally made it to Le Gourmand today — it’s been on my shortlist to visit for 5 years. As a Francophile, I wanted to love it. It did not live up to hopes, though service was great. For $48, even when a gift certificate is involved, my steak should be in the league of the one at The Metropolitan Grill. The meat didn’t pack as much flavor, and the char was chalky. I would highly recommend blintzes from the small plates list and the crepes from the dessert menu, though.


They have a good non-alcoholic cocktail list, supplied by the neighboring Sambar. Pictured at the very top of this entry: pineapple syrup, lemon, and lime juice — I think. (I also wish they published their current drink menus online.) I believe it was called the Lamos; a perfect drink to accompany a grand meal the night before a long morning race.

See Jane Run Tomorrow

Overall judgment: the adjoining Sambar is more my speed.

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