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2011, In Review

I decided today I was being unfairly hard on 2011 over the last week, and wanted to compile the highlights of the year in Flickr photos and blog entries. It was a great, albeit lengthy exercise today and certainly gave me better perspective for a momentous year.

From the skylight view
January: Defined by work. I took the above during a solo break from sorting out projects before work year began in earnest. Highlights: a visit to Dom Polski on Cap Hill. The view from the boardroom at Columbia Tower where we held our AllHands. Friendsgiving 2: Electric Bugaloo. Ride the Ducks with UK visitors.

Ginger-Mint Julep: My Favorite Drink
February: In honor of our 1st anniversary, we returned to New Orleans for a weekend to celebrate. We went back to Restaurant August where we were married, we found a gem in the French Quarter at the Green Goddess, and I ran the Half Marathon, while I was at it. February was Cookbook Club with David Lebovitz’s recipes. We went out swing dancing, a few times. We had our anniversary dinner at the Book Bindery.

we might be through with The Past
March: My mother had a serious surgery and I spent a lot of time fretting. I visited San Jose for a tech conference. I spent a weekend with Carey and friends at C’s Bainbridge home. Mr. T and I fell in love with the Lao menu at Savatdee Thai.

St. Vitus Cathedral, after Sunset

Stained Glass of St. Vitus
April: We met up with Maya and her partner & family for a visit in Prague. Her grandmother’s work was exhibited at Prague Castle and this was a cool lifetime experience. I’m honored we were invited to take part. While we were at it, we journeyed to Berlin. It’s 8 months later and I still haven’t finished uploading those pics though I love that city.

Quiet Sunday Echo
May: I celebrated a birthday, then the next day visited Woodinville Whiskey Distillery. I participated in a company offsite at Salish Lodge. We spent a weekend on Lummi Island for Willows Inn. I travelled with Mr. T to NYC for work and while we were there, celebrated his birthday. I can’t get enough of that city.

The Sound on a Sunday Morning
June: We took sailing lessons and quickly learned the weather was not our friend, this Summer. I attended a marvelous ice cream social. I helped a friend move remotely (she lives in Geneva), from a place on Whidbey to a storage unit. We spent overnight on the island. On the heels of that, we had an office move to Pioneer Square. No more West Seattle commute!

Lake Cle Elum Ish
July: I went camping with friends at Lake Cle Elum.

Fourth of July: Sparklers during Fireworks The Baron awaits his flashbacks to Nam
Mr. T and I spent the 4th at Camano Island at his Aunt’s home. There was a special session of a Sweet Valley High book club. Cookbook Club had a picnic session. DimSumCouver 7 happened. I ran the See Jane Run Half Marathon, and book club held its annual Summer Golden Gardens gathering.

Saturday pace
We all slow down at Carey’s house on Bainbridge.
August: I took my favorite picture of the Gastrognome, yet. I spent a weekend at Carey’s on Bainbridge, again. Otherwise, it was a very quiet month, and I didn’t do much on the weekends, socially.

So Many Things I'd Like to Say To You
September: We celebrated Mr. T’s grandfather’s 90th birthday. We checked out a Swedish crawfish boil. We went to Ireland for two weeks, spending most of our time in Dublin. During the visit in the evenings, I went to Dublin Fringe, Oktoberfest, and the Dublin Theatre Festival. The pictures aren’t all up yet. We fit in a visit to The West over our weekend. We saw the Connemara, bogs, the Cliffs of Moher (aka Cliffs of Insanity), and got to stay in a castle. I remember that castle stay as the best sleep of the year. Possibly related: I’d left my laptop in Dublin. Some pictures are still forthcoming of the whole trip, but I’ve blogged some of it over here.

llama cool
October: Alpacahaus weekend! A group of us spent the weekend at an alpaca farm on Whidbey Island. It was remarkably refreshing.

Hello, Bali.
Pic borrowed from Mr. T.
November: We flew to Singapore, then onto Bali and later Cambodia. I am way behind on these pictures, and only processed up to day 5 of 16. I’ve got our stay in Sanur on the beach done, though. I believe our visit to Cambodia changed my life.

When we returned, we mourned the loss of my friends’ mama with malasadas. We spent Thanksgiving near Arlington with the extended family of Mr. T. I wrapped up my work at my job, for good. Retire early and often, I say.

Noble Fir Wins!
December: I perfected my lounging skills. I avoided uploading a number of pictures and posts, I now see. We saw Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne tour. I baked a lot, participating in this cookie exchange with the Cookbook Club ladies. The Gastrognome and I went with Cameo to Canada for DimSumCouver 8 of the not-fulltime-employed, and brought along an Australian participant who recently moved here. I took a lot of walks around Greenlake and geared up for Xmas. My mom and brother came to visit, and despite the furnace going out and The Baron’s brush with death, it was fun overall. It was the right way to end the year.

Even with its low points, we were overwhelmed by highlights.

Onward to 2012!

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