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County Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula

Co. Kerry
As the sun rose, I was cabbing to Dublin International to catch a flight to County Kerry, in southwest Ireland. I’d gotten one of those legendary 10 euro flights. Since I could be back that evening and would need zero luggage, it worked out to be a great 12 hour day-trip.

By 9:30, I was southwest of the airport, driving on the WRONG side of the road for the first time ever. I headed for the Dingle Peninsula first. There are twice as many sheep as people — and didn’t realize til I arrived how perfectly I’d timed it to see the baby lambs! Spring!
On the sleepy side of Ireland, lambs sun by the sea
Dingle PeninsulaDingle Peninsula
There are few things I love more than baby animals or the seaside.
Co. Kerry - I stopped at Inch again
I especially loved the beach at Inch. (Gaelic: Inse)
The Best in the West
I didn’t think Dingle was all that notable, other than being surrounded by some of the best countryside anywhere. I did find the hot dog stand hilarious: The Best in the West!

I finished the peninsula drive earlier than expected, so started in on The Ring of Kerry.
Co. Kerry
Co. Kerry
Gallorus - from 700 ish AD
More scenic views. And a Christian church from 700 AD. Ish.
Impressive, but when Mr. T & I make it back, I plan to check out more of Killarney National Park — I was speeding back to the airport by this stage of the day. I actually got lost and ended up doing the whole Ring of Kerry since it was better marked than my shortcut ideas…I made it back in time for my evening flight. Lucky, considering around the same time, a little volcano in Iceland blew its top and I wouldn’t know for a bit longer than anyone else in Ireland…
Pre Ash, by about 4 hours

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