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In Handel’s Day

Can I get a Hallelujah in the House?
Can I get a Hallelujah in the House? Hands go up for every shout-out.
Not a newsflash: Jet lag blows. Today it hit fierce. I slept in until deciding to head to Temple Bar where I realized it was “In Handel’s Day” – the annual Dublin festival commemorating the premiere of Handel’s Messiah. They got the sinfonia, the mayor and this choir putting on a few show in the plaza where the theatre house stood.
Prime Real Estate for this concert
Four stories above the action, this guy has prime real estate for this concert. Okay, maybe all the time, being a block from the Liffey.

Since it was a few blocks away, I made it back to the Chester Beatty Library that was closed yesterday. I was struggling through the religious manuscripts (jet lag) and headed to the rooftop garden. Dudes, I feel ya on needing that nap.
Chester Beatty Rooftap
I decided a nap was in order for myself, and headed back via Dame Street.
Too many pints?
No more fish ‘n chips for this fella.

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