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City Hall to Dublin Castle, Temple Bar to the Docklands

Bride at Dublin Castle
I followed some podcast iWalks from Dublin Tourism today. I covered City Hall to Dublin Castle to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with some lollygagging in the sun at Dublin Castle gardens AND in St. Patrick’s Park. Today’s plan: wander Dublin as much as I could stand. Turns out I have great endurance, despite jetlag.
My pale-faced people
some of my pale-faced brethren behind Dublin Castle

St. Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick’s Cathedral

on my walk to the Cathedral, these apartments had Swift artwork

Stained Glass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral

To get home, I walked from Temple Bar to the Docklands, listening to that path on the iPod tour. I was pretty wiped out, but napped before dinner with Mr. T at Ocean Bar.

Things I Learned the Hard Way (TM notmartha)
Originally I planned to use a Dublin bike and head to Phoenix park, but my US cards were no good for their system. Thus, the iPod came in handy. My goal was exploring Dublin. Partway home, I had my first foray onto the bus instead. I plan to stop at the TI to ask if there is a workaround.
I might rent one of these tomorrow.

The Chester Beatty Library is closed on Mondays. Ah well, the day was too beautiful for museums anyhow.
Hmph. Closed on Mondays.

When I don’t have a dining companion for lunch, I don’t make a point to eat anything better than grocery sandwiches. And I walk 5 miles too far, on top of another 8. Moderation is the next plan.

On a final note: we couldn’t have ordered better weather in Ireland this week! This city looks amazing in the sunshine!

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