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Baton Rouge in November

the new Mississippi River Bridge
My visits to Louisiana revolve around food. Y’all know this.

My mom, Mr. T & I started today with a disappointing lunch at The Chimes. There was ketchup on the shrimp poboy! Mr. T was not amused. My crab cake sandwich was missing something, I don’t know what. Serves us right for expecting to recapture our great experiences of March and December automagically.

We followed it up with The Strand, an excellent coffee-house pastry shop downtown. We ate our treats on the waterfront, watching the Mississippi go by and forgot all about lunch. Look at that sunshine! In November!

Dinner was at Roberto’s, to finally introduce Mr. T to a place I loved from my last trip in October. Between the fried green tomatoes, the Sensation Salad, and the fried catfish and shrimp, the trout a meuniere, I rolled out of there.


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