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Louisiana for Thanksgiving

Above Seattle, Nov 24
This was the scene above this, at 9 AM this morning:
Departing Seattle, Seat 2A

After a comfortable flight (thanks to 1st class upgrades), we arrived in New Orleans for dinnertime. We hightailed it across the Huey Long Bridge to Westwego to find this legendary New Orleans-Italian restaurant named Mosca’s. Italian food in NOLA is its own sub-genre.

Their Chicken a la Grande was every bit as flavorful as the Sterns promised. (A good pic of the chicken is in this blog post.) We added salads and Spaghetti Bordelaise to round it out. I should’ve tried their red gravy, but someday. We under-ordered out of fear of over-ordering, so we sprung for dessert: Pineapple Fluff. It reminded me of the Dream Pie that motomotoyama makes with her great Turkey holiday dinners. In other words, I loved it.
Mosca's Pineapple Fluff

Mosca's on Urbanspoon

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You live in Seattle and didn’t review the Metropolitan Grill ?
That’s like visiting Paris and missing the Eiffel Tower.

Well, there’s a lot of places I’ve been I don’t write about…really, what’s your point?

And out of all the places in Seattle, why the Metropolitan?

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