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Jane & Michael Stern at Benaroya

Jane and Michael Stern at Benaroya
I’ve long been an avid Road Food Fan so I’ve looked forward to seeing Jane and Michael Stern in Seattle for months. They’ve directed me towards the less PR-championed gems, even as recently as Thanksgiving. These food writers are my kind of people — much more about the deliciousness & community than foodie snobbery. They’re fun.

Mr. T had his first soccer game of his season, so Traca came along. The Sterns bantered for an hour, followed by a half-hour of Q&A. I preferred tonight’s Q&A format to all other Seattle lectures I’ve seen here or at Town Hall. I credit that to the moderator sifting through questions instead of an open mike setup.

The Sterns spoke of their beginnings and told dozens of anecdotes. They didn’t finish their thoughts on improving your Road Food Radar before becoming distracted by other tales, but I suspect it’s all laid out in their books or on their Road Food site.

I’d love to go to their Road Food Festival at the end of March

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Thanks, Rachel! This was my first Seattle Arts & Lectures event, so I didn’t realize that was a new thing. I’ve been to several Town Hall and similar author lectures — last night’s was the best Q&A format. Having the moderator screen questions is a great idea for Q&A. At other events, there are lots of questions that go on longer, and many that are too similar to one that’s asked a few questions back. Great job!

As an aside — I grew up with closed captioning (my older brother is very hard of hearing) and was surprised to see it there. I was impressed by the CC accommodation though I don’t have hearing loss. Thanks for doing that. I may have to email SAL about it. 🙂

Wow, it’s a Rachel only comment section! Rachee – I didn’t know you had this blog until now! I am totally diggin’ it. Man, I would kill to go to that New Orleans food fest – it’s definitely going on the calendar for next year. I am also jealous of your late night oyster picnic. Now I am going to live vicariously through your Seattle food adventures.

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