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Thanksgiving 2009

Rum Sour
I got up super-early to run the Turkey Trot 5k to support Louisiana’s March of Dimes. 31 minutes! Great time for little training.

I rallied to stay awake to make it through lunchtime at The Bay Leaf (a new Indian restaurant), but napped most of the afternoon away. I blame the Turkey Vindaloo.

Our big Thanksgiving event for the day was dinner at La Provence in Lacombe, La.
Thanksgiving in La, 2009
Our family’s menu:
Turkey, Veal, Mirliton stuffed trout with shrimp
Traditional TurkeyVeal with StuffingMirliton & Shrimp stuffed Trout
Blue Crab Dumplings (unpictured), Salads (unpictured), Pumpkin Soup with Chanterelles (unpictured)

Bread Pudding, Apple Tarte, Creme Brulee
Bread PuddingApple TarteCreme Brulee

Favorites: Dumplings, Turkey, Bread Pudding

Thanksgiving in La, 2009
after dinner

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