I'm here with the Spelling Police
Last week, Stacey forwarded Skillet’s menu with, “I must HAVE the trailer-made corndogs!” We penciled it in. While we waited in line, I noticed their Freemont Faux Pas.

For the record: it’s Fremont. NOT Freemont.

Vanessa's tablescape

I’m rather displeased today seemed like Fall. Tonight at Vanessa’s she made curry which fit the mood.

Vanessa's Curry: how it began

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2 Responses to Fremont NOT Freemont

  1. Pj says:

    What’s weird is that people never seem to be able to get “Fremont” right, either up there in the Great Northwest, or down here in the Glitter Gulch.


  2. Rachel says:

    Bastards, indeed.

    I wonder if the Bay Area has the same issue too…

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