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The End of the Evening at The Corson Building

The End of the Evening at the Corson Building
For lunch, another great meeting with the Canvolution crowd.

For dinner, Mr. T & I investigated The Corson Building. Our dishes:
-honeydew with dried abalone and peppers
-Tarte with tomato and eggs from the in-house coop
-Lamb with chanterelle and pecorino romano
-Dessert: Apricot and dark chocolate tart

Our appetizer expertly blended sweet, heat and savory. The tarte, rich but light. The lamb was the most amazing I’ve ever had — its chanterelle sauce was somethin else. And I think most mushrooms detract from a dish. We were having such a great time, it seemed wrong not to get dessert.

I cannot recommend the Corson Building more highly.

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Sounds wonderful! I miss all the good food in Seattle. There isn’t as much around here as you’d think. Maybe we just haven’t hit the right places yet. We finally found a good hole in the wall for crepes.

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